Verizon launches new 5G plan with Lenovo Flex PC

Verizon is boosting its services with the surprise launch of the first 5G-capable computer alongside a 5G data plan.

While 5G is already widely adopted in the United States, most of the devices that support it are smartphones. Verizon is breaking ranks with its competitors with the launch of a new Flex 5G laptop from Lenovo.

The telecommunications giant is also planning to debut its new 5G plan officially. The company believes that this new data plan compliments the new Lenovo laptop as well.

A step to the right direction

Despite the mass adoption of 5G in the country, it is only limited to handheld and portable devices like smartphones. These devices usually require a constant data connection and network connectivity. Devices like laptops are rarely seen with an embedded network connectivity support aside from Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

Lenovo and Verizon are teaming up to release one of the first laptops that support 5G connectivity. The Lenovo Flex 5G is a great piece of hardware, and along with it comes a 5G data plan.

The Lenovo Flex 5G was first known as Project Limitless. Lenovo renamed it as the Yoga 5G in January. Now, it is debuting once again as the Flex 5G.

What sets the Flex 5G apart from the competition is the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8cx 5G chipset. It also has an X55 modem inside that complements its 5G support. An early demonstration of the laptop’s connectivity capability shows it can reach speeds of up to 2Gpbs on 5G.

The future of 5G

Tech experts believe that 5G is the future, which is why telecommunication companies are upgrading their infrastructure to support it. It terms of coverage, Verizon has a relatively small 5G footprint.  The company’s high-speed millimeter 5G service is only accessible in 35 cities.

The adoption of 5G is also hampered by how much it is to roll out infrastructures that support it. On top of that, low band 5G speeds are barely noticeable compared to 4G. Al these factors are responsible for a rather slow adoption rate of the new technology.

The Lenovo Flex 5G supports both low-band and high-speed millimeter 5G services. If these networks are not accessible, the laptop can revert to 4G or Wi-Fi, whichever is available.

Regarding data, Verizon is offering 1GB to all existing $10 monthly 4G plan owners who will not use 5G. This is a relatively small handout compared to what its competitors are offering.

Image courtesy of Mika Baumeister/Unsplash

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