Verizon teams up with Microsoft, provides private 5G MEC

Verizon teams up with Microsoft to offer private 5G Mobile Edge Computing, ensuring business to create extremely low-lag experiences.

Verizon announces that they will be combining their on-site 5G edge network capacities with Microsoft Azure. Verizon expects to bring computing power “even more close” to the end consumers.

5G Mobile Edge Computing (MEC)

An authorized distributor for Verizon Wireless, Ice Mobility is a supplier of wireless products and supply-chain solutions all over the nation.

However, the engineering and Inventory chain solutions company is already testing Verizon’s on-site 5G Edge platform. This platform, moreover, is integrated with Microsoft Azure.

Ice Mobility is now using 5G and MEC to help with computer-vision facilitated product packing.

Therefore, by gathering data in near real-time on product packing errors, the company shows the potential to improve on-site quality assurance and save about 15% to 30% in processing time.

The Collaboration

While Microsoft revealed their collaboration with Verizon on the Microsoft News Center this Monday, the “Business Solution” section under “News” on the Verizon website has been updated with the news of them teaming up with Microsoft.

This collaboration expects to create new ways for businesses to speed up further distributing fast and secure 5G applications, benefiting from reliable and low-latency connections.

Nonetheless, Verizon’s on-site 5G Edge network combining with Azure edge services can facilitate ultra-low latency, commonly quicker than the flicker of an eye.

This can further help enterprises draw into real-time data analysis and distribution. Moreover, this will help to revolutionalize businesses such as retail, transportation, and logistics.

The Executive Vice President and the Chief Strategy Officer at Verizon, Rima Qureshi, says that they have built a network that provides “real-world,” 5G-enables solutions “TODAY.” Moreover, she explains that this deal will facilitate the development of next-generation technologies.

Ice Mobility has already tested their engineering and supply chain solutions on Verizon’s on-site 5G edge platform, integrated with Microsoft Azure.

Therefore, by gathering data in near real-time on product packing errors, the company shows the potential to improve on-site quality assurance and save about 15% to 30% in processing time.

Moreover, the CEO of Ice Mobility, Mike Mohr, has also shown excitement towards joining Microsoft and Verizon to test how 5G and MEC can improve quality assurance.

Meanwhile, the corporate vice president Azure for Operators at Microsoft, Yousef Khalidi, shows his regards for the integration deal.

He believes that the developers and enterprises can aid from fast, secure, and reliable connections to convey consistently digital experiences from the monstrous industrial Internet of Things.

About Verizon

Verizon originated on June 30th, 2000. It is celebrating its 20th year as one of the world’s driving suppliers of innovation, communications, and data, not to mention entertainment items and services.

The company’s headquarters is located in New York City. With a presence around the globe, Verizon produced incomes of $131.9 billion in the year 2019.

The company offers information, video, and voice services and arrangements on its award-winning networks and platforms.

They further convey customers’ interest in portability, dependable network availability, security, and control.

Verizon’s Yahoo recently announced the shutting down of Yahoo Groups in December.

About Microsoft

Microsoft is an American multinational technology company having its headquarters in Redmond, Washington. Microsoft manufactures, licenses, and develops computer software, home electronics, personal computers, and more related accessories.

Microsoft facilitates digital transformation. Nevertheless, they aim to “empower” each person and each organization in the world to accomplish more.

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