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Version 1.2.0 update for ‘Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ released


The latest update to Animal Crossing: New Horizons, version 1.2.0, had just been released and it brings an expanded museum and new vendors into the island.

Players who are still yet to claim the update can do so in one of two ways. One is to let the system automatically fetch the update from Nintendo’s servers. The other is to manually get the update by pressing the “+” button while highlighting the game from the menu and choosing to update.

Meet These New Characters

Gamers who managed to update Animal Crossing: New Horizon with the latest patch will notice new characters on their island, Leif and Redd.

Leif is a gardener who sells gardening items, including plants that you can grow all over the island. Looking for and finding Leif is easy given her telling presentation. She is a transmorphic sloth who dons a yellow apron and green cap. Furthermore, she wears bright cosmetics on her face, too. Like a geisha, basically. Alongside her is a mobile stall that showcases her merchandise to add to the clue.

Redd is another figure that will be present in the island. He is a transmorphic fox, so he would be hard to miss as well. Typically, he would be found inside an art trawler docked at the shore that displays a gallery of fine art. You can buy any of them to sell at the museum. However, not everything that Redd sells is authentic goods. Some of his wares are actually counterfeits.

In response to the update, director to the museum, Blathers, now expresses interest in art. To those who are not aware, he is that transmorphic owl you would have to encounter early in the game.

Make Sure You’re Up-to-Date

There are a few ways players would know if they are playing the Animal Crossing: New Horizon on version 1.2.0. One is to check the game’s details from the main menu. Another is to check the letterbox in-game in order to receive a letter from both Nintendo and Nook. If updated to version 1.2.0, players will receive a World Map from Nintendo and a Bell-Bag Rug from Nook.

Nook is especially generous towards players in this update. Aside from giving you an item, he is also cutting the interest rate of your debt in-game.

Coincidentally, the Nature Day event is currently ongoing. This means that those complete the event’s nature-themed quest will earn Nook Miles. The event is valid until May 1 only. Therefore, players are encouraged to check their Nook Phone daily until the end date.

Image used courtesy of YouTube/Nintendo.

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