Vertalo, Advantage Blockchain join forces to tokenize real estate offerings

Vertalo, Advantage Blockchain join forces to tokenize real estate offerings

Vertalo and Advantage Blockchain have announced a new partnership to tokenize real estate offerings. The joint effort is expected to lower administrative costs and improve liquidity for real estate fund managers and investors.

In an official announcement published on Friday, Vertalo stated: “In times of such financial uncertainty, with little liquidity, investors are hungry to purchase safer-haven assets, meet capital calls, and reduce fixed administrative costs.”

The partnership is set to provide solutions that can meet those concerns while tokenizing real estate offerings.

Consortium of technology partners

With Vertalo’s security token ecosystem, which is a consortium of technology partners, the company can seamlessly process the issuance, distribution, and exchange of digital assets.

This ecosystem can be used by Advantage to help create a “start-to-finish” interface for clients.

Included in this consortium are blockchain projects like Prime Trust and tZERO ATS.

What will the partnership be able to do?

  • Leverage the Tezos blockchain through Vertalo’s Digital Transfer Agent platform;
  • Digital asset exchange platform on tZERO ATS;
  • Custodial and settlement services from Prime Trust; and
  • Vertalo as a Digital Transfer agent to link the ecosystem with Advantage’s clients.Consortium of technology partners.

Real estate industry is ‘primed for innovation’

Through its partnership with Advantage Blockchain, Vertalo will be able to “[facilitate] a start-to-finish ownership experience for Advantage Blockchain’s clients, with a real estate portfolio exceeding $300M.”

Vertalo will be primarily in-charge of the real estate tokenization and technology infrastructure, and the primary market will be Advantage’s clients.

For its part, Advantage Blockchain will be able to leverage Vertalo’s network of providers – including custodians, venues for primary issuance and secondary liquidity, KYC/AML, and accreditation services – in order to “implement value-driving blockchain technologies that improve efficiency in the operations of Commercial Real Estate and increase liquidity possibilities for owners, real estate fund managers, and private REIT (Real Estate Investment Trust) shareholders.”


Vertalo noted that they view the “the real estate industry as one that is primed for innovation and new liquidity solutions.”

Dave Hendricks, CEO and co-founder of Vertalo, said, “By working with Vertalo, licensees like Advantage Blockchain access a best-in-class consortium of partners that simplify digital transformation for their clients.”

“Through this consortium, commercial real estate owners and their investors will also be able to custody their proceeds and clear funds and perform 1031 transactions with Vertalo custody partners like Prime Trust,” he added.

Who are Vertalo and Advantage Blockchain?

Vertalo began as a B2B SaaS company in 2018, focused in cultivating a digital asset ecosystem that will address gaps between the primary and secondary trading of digital securities. Their primary service offer is to develop an investor onboarding solution that will allow direct ownership of securities.

Advantage Blockchain is a blockchain business solutions advisory firm focused on the real estate market of the U.S. Their primary goal is to provide more cost-efficient and value-adding options for real estate investors in the blockchain.

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