Vice Presidential debate 2020: Fly on Mike Pence head steals the show?

Vice Presidential debate 2020: Fly on Mike Pence head steals the show?

The Vice Presidential debate 2020 was quite informative, not to mention, less chaotic. Post-face-off, viewers noted a fly that conveniently sat on VP Mike Pence’s head for a good amount of time, steals the show.

The whole Vice Presidential debate 2020 was getting heated by the minute. A lot of crucial issues were discussed. A fly, however, thought to cheer up the watching public, by displaying on top of the current VP’s head.

Vice Presidential debate 2020: Fly gets two minutes airtime

Moderator, Susan Page, gave each debating party two minutes to answer the main questions given to them. The fly thought to he also gets two minutes of screen time.

The fly sat on VP Mike Pence’s “bright white hair” while he was addressing the issue about Breonna Taylor‘s case. Looking back on the footage of the Vice Presidential debate 2020, the fly landed when Pence mutter, “[…] is a great insult.”

According to California local TV news reporter, Ian Cull, the fly sat for two minutes and three seconds.

The rising star of the debate?

The people on social media found the fly the rising star of the debate. In fact, the hashtag #Flygate is currently trending on Twitter.

Democrat Presidential candidate, Joe Biden, hopped on the hype train and posted a picture of himself with a fly swatter.

Meanwhile, a few tweets jokingly rank the fly second to Harris, while Pence coming in at a distant third. With the internet doing what it does best in times like this, the Fly now has many meme accounts on social media.

On Breonna Taylor’s case

On a more series note, before the fly stole the event, the VP candidates addressed the issue on Breonna Taylor’s case.

Readers should note that last month, the grand jury did not charge any of the police involved in her death. Instead, one of the officers was charged with “wanton endangerment.”

For Sen. Harris, justice was not served. Meanwhile, the current VP said, “I trust our justice system.”

The Democrat candidate empathized, not only with Taylor’s family but also to the unlawful death of George Floyd. Comparably, Pence argued:

“There’s no excuse to what happened to George Floyd and justice will be served, but there is also no excuse for the rioting and looting.”

He further accused the opposing party, Biden and Harris, of calling America “systemically racist.”

 “And as Joe Biden said, that he believes that law enforcement has an implicit bias against minorities — is a great insult to the men and women who serve in law enforcement,” says pence.

The VP further attacks Harris as a former prosecutor. The senator responded, “I will not sit here and be lectured by the vice president on what it means to enforce the laws of our country. I’m the only one on this state was personally prosecuted everything from child sexual assaults a homicide.”


Featured image courtesy of C-SPAN/YouTube Screenshot

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