Victoria Beckham, David Beckham’s son Romeo proposing to his girlfriend in November: Rumor

Victoria Beckham and David Beckham’s son, Romeo is, allegedly, planning to propose to his girlfriend in November.

According to New Idea, Victoria Beckham and David’s son may only be 18, but he believes that he’s found the one.

“He’s thinking about asking Mia on her birthday in November,” the source said.

Victoria Beckham sad to see Romeo Beckham leave the house

The insider also claimed that Victoria and David feel sad thinking that Romeo and Brooklyn might leave their home around the same time.

“David has assured her she’s not losing her sons, but gaining two daughters,” the source said.

The same tabloid also claimed that Victoria is thinking about having more kids with her husband.

Posh Spice wants more kids with David Beckham 

Posh Spice wants more kids with David Beckham

Since their house will, allegedly, feel emptier with two kids already married, Posh Spice thinks that it’s the perfect time for her to have another baby.

The fashion designer also met her friend’s baby recently and this encouraged her to think about expanding her family.

“After meeting Derek’s twins, Victoria is luckier than ever. She’s wanted another kid for years, but it’s never worked out. She knows time isn’t really on her side, so is trying to convince David it’s now or never,” the source said.

Victoria Beckham looking forward to becoming a grandmother

But if having a baby isn’t in the cards for Victoria Beckham and her husband, the former singer is, allegedly, happy to be a grandmother soon.

“Posh originally thought she was way too young to become a grandmother. But lately, she’s had a change of heart,” the source said.

More rumors about the Spice Girls member

Meanwhile, this isn’t the only rumor surrounding the Beckhams.

Last April, the same tabloid claimed that Posh Spice can’t help but feel jealous over her husband and Kim Kardashian’s kiss.

“That kiss Kim planted on him definitely lingered. A few people commented on how flirty it seemed,” the source said.

However, it is important to note that David and Kardashian kissed each other’s cheeks. So, there’s no reason for Victoria to be jealous.

In January, New Idea alleged that Victoria was seething at Jennifer Aniston for liking her husband’s post.

However, this rumor isn’t true either. Victoria Beckham is not upset with Aniston.

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