Victoria Beckham dubbed a hypocrite after flying to Miami amid the pandemic

Victoria Beckham dubbed a hypocrite after flying to Miami amid the pandemic

Victoria Beckham was criticized for traveling to the United States during the pandemic.

According to Heat, Victoria Beckham hasn’t been practicing what she’s preaching.

On her social media account, she has been encouraging fans to stay at home during the pandemic.

However, she was the one that took a private jet to Miami with her entire family.

Victoria Beckham can’t stand to be away from her husband

David needs to be in Miami to work with his football team. But he was also slammed for mixing work with pleasure when he decided to take his entire family with him.

According to the tabloid, the Beckhams will be staying in the United States for several weeks because they don’t want to be traveling back and forth between two countries.

Additionally, the Beckhams allegedly decided to take their children with them because they can’t stand being apart.

Victoria Beckham couldn’t care less about what others are saying

A source claimed that Victoria doesn’t mind all the criticisms because what’s most important for her is to be with her family.

“Also, the kids were devastated to be going into another lockdown, homeschooling again, not seeing friends, no tennis or football or anything, and it being winter too. As much as they love the Cotswolds house, there’s only so much you can do there. So, Miami was a no-brainer especially as the kids can do remote learning and be out in the sun,” the source said.

The insider also said that as long as the Beckham family is happy, Victoria couldn’t care less about what other people think.

Are the Beckhams moving to the US permanently? 

Are the Beckhams moving to the US permanently?

Meanwhile, the tabloid took their claims about Victoria Beckham a notch higher by saying that they could relocate to Miami for good.

“There family is happy to be in Florida for January – and maybe beyond. Vic is even thinking this could actually be a test run for a permanent move. The past year has been a hard one. And Vic has been so frustrated with her every move being criticized in the UK. She feels she gets such a hard time, whereas in the US life is just easier,” the source said.

As of late, Victoria Beckham has not expressed any desire to permanently move to the United States.

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