Victoria Beckham feels she’s under attack after her recent fashion show: Rumor

Victoria Beckham feels she's under attack after her recent fashion show: Rumor

Victoria Beckham, allegedly, feels that she’s under attack for everything that she’s doing.

According to Heat UK, Victoria Beckham recently staged a private fashion show for her brand. Unlike her previous shows, the only guests that the designer had were her three kids and husband, David Beckham.

Victoria Beckham slammed after her fashion show

On her Instagram account, Posh Spice shared a photo from the fashion show. And she was immediately criticized by a slew of people. After all, Beckham said that her family is the only guest she needs at her show.

“Trust the Beckhams to show off when the country is going into crisis again and Posh has to make it all about her and her ridiculously expensive clothes,” the critic commented on her post.

Others also wondered why Beckham’s children weren’t in school.

“What other children have to go to work with mommy to try and make her credible again,” one critic mocked the former singer.

David Beckham leaving his wife 


Victoria Beckham feels under attack by her critics

A source told the magazine that Beckham feels that she and family can’t do anything right.

“She worked so hard on that show and put in a lot of long hours, but she feels all everyone does is focus on the negatives. Having to present her collection in those circumstances was difficult. And she wanted her family there to support her. She’s really upset by all the criticism she has attracted over the past week or so – it’s been hellish,” the source said.

Victoria Beckham and David’s son Brooklyn was also criticized for talking about climate change. He said that one of the ways to improve the climate is by lessening plane and helicopter rides. But according to critics, Brooklyn has already traveled via a private jet at least eight times this year.

“Victoria feels they are under attack for no reason at the moment,” the source said.

David Beckham leaving his wife

This week, Gossip Cop also revisited a story about the Beckhams from last year. Now to Love claimed that David will leave his wife is she can’t control her drinking. A source told the tabloid that Beckham pleaded with her husband not to leave her.

However, an entire year has passed but the Beckhams are still together. This proves that the tabloid’s claims are incorrect.

It is untrue that Victoria Beckham has a drinking problem. And if she does, it’s unlikely for her husband to leave her when he could encourage her to get help.

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