Victoria Beckham seething at Brooklyn for canceling his wedding to Nicola Peltz: Rumor

Victoria Beckham seething at Brooklyn for canceling his wedding to Nicola Peltz: Rumor

Victoria Beckham is, allegedly, furious at her son, Brooklyn Beckham, for deciding to suddenly cancel his upcoming wedding to Nicola Peltz.

Heat published the misleading headline by saying that Brooklyn was the one that decided to cancel his wedding to Peltz. But the tabloid also said that wedding planning has been difficult and impossible because of COVID-19.

“The family had a shortlist of venues and plans were underway – a no-expenses-spared event with one wedding in the US, one in the UK and then a big party abroad, too. But at this point, there’s just no way it won’t be affected by restrictions,” the source said.

Victoria Beckham doesn't want Brooklyn to have a small wedding 

Victoria Beckham doesn’t want Brooklyn to have a small wedding

According to the source, Brooklyn and his fiancée are still figuring out what they should do. But as far as they’re concerned, they’re happy and in love. Having an intimate ceremony with just a small group of guests is an idea that they’re both open to.

However, Posh Spice wants nothing less than a massive event with hundreds of A-list guests.

“Victoria’s going into planning crisis mode. She has contingency plans in place and is pushing for them to still set a date for next summer. But also to have a backup date booked for the autumn. David doesn’t understand the rush. He even thinks it’s a good opportunity for aspiring photographer Brooklyn to sort his career out first and properly get his life together, but Vic is adamant they’ll find a way,” the source said.

Victoria Beckham wants to prove herself to Nicola Peltz’s family

Victoria Beckham, allegedly, wants to go big on her son’s wedding and not even the pandemic can stand in her way. After all, the designer wants to show Peltz’s family that the Beckhams are really part of the British elite.

However, one should take the tabloid’s claims with a grain of salt. Brooklyn and Peltz haven’t canceled their wedding. If they did, they would’ve already made an announcement about it and other more reputable sources would’ve picked up on the story.

Rumors debunked

According to Gossip Cop, the story is just another cruel attack on Victoria. The tabloid is seemingly suggesting that the Spice Girls member is a terrible mom. After all, the tabloid claimed that she’s planning a huge wedding to serve her own interests.

But this is certainly not what Victoria Beckham is trying to do. In fact, no one knows for sure if she’s also involved in planning her son’s wedding.

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