Victoria Beckham seething at Brooklyn’s fiancée for demanding a prenup: Rumor

Victoria Beckham seething at Brooklyn's fiancée for demanding a prenup: Rumor

Victoria Beckham is, allegedly, furious at Nicola Peltz and her family after learning that they are demanding for a prenup.

According to Closer UK, Victoria Beckham knows that prenups are necessary. And she also wants to protect her son. However, she still couldn’t believe that Peltz’s family would be the first to mention the document.

“Vic absolutely adores Nicola and can’t wait for her to become her daughter-in-law, and she’s a real romantic at heart – so her excitement has been dampened a bit with talk of lawyers and contracts that pre-empt divorce. She’s pragmatic, with a good business head, but she can’t help but feel upset at the mention of their fairytale and her son’s happiness coming to an end,” the source said.

Victoria Beckham more upset with Nicola Peltz’s dad than the actress

The source then shifted its claims by saying that Beckham is more upset with Peltz’s dad because he’s the one that initiated that prenup.

“While it doesn’t sit easily with her and has brought up some unexpected emotions, she knows prenups are a necessary evil when two wealthy people marry, no matter how unromantic and upsetting she finds it,” the source said.

Victoria Beckham doesn't want Brookly Beckham to suffer like her, David Beckham 

Victoria Beckham doesn’t want Brookly Beckham to suffer like her, David Beckham

Other than the prenup, the Spice Girls member is also, allegedly, worried that her son and future wife could be subjected to the intense scrutiny that she and David Beckham suffered.

The source claimed that Beckham doesn’t want Brooklyn to suffer the same fate that his dad experienced. During a previous interview, the professional athlete said that his marriage requires hard work.

“Vic’s understandably protective of all her children, particularly Brooklyn, who’s repeatedly come under fire over the years as the eldest of their brood. So, the thought of his enduring added stress with people already speculating over his marriage amid the rumors of a prenup breaks her heart,” the source said.

Rumors debunked

However, one should take the claims made by the tabloid with a grain of salt. Posh Spice is known for having a very calm demeanor so it’s unlikely to be stressing over these things.

The tabloid’s contradicting claims about Brooklyn and Peltz’s prenup also suggests that their claims are untrue. It is entirely up to the couple if they want to sign a prenup or not.  And as adults, they will make this decision on their own.

As of late, it is still unclear when Victoria Beckham and David’s eldest son will tie the knot.

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