Victoria Beckham seething at Jennifer Aniston for liking David’s Instagram posts: Rumor

Victoria Beckham seething at Jennifer Aniston for liking David's nstagram posts: Rumor

Victoria Beckham isn’t, allegedly, thrilled to know that Jennifer Aniston has been liking her husband’s social media posts.

According to New Idea, it’s no secret that Jennifer Aniston has a crush on David Beckham. And this is making Victoria uncomfortable.

“Victoria sees how Jen constantly likes his posts, plus it’s an open secret that she’s had a harmless crush on him for years – or so she says. It’s just not cool with Victoria, who’s already insecure about heading back to America and all the women who’ll be throwing themselves at David in Miami and LA,” the source said.

Victoria Beckham can’t restart her career in LA because of Jennifer Aniston

According to the source, Victoria is thinking about restarting her career while she’s in Los Angeles.

However, the thought of Aniston swooning over her husband is making her think twice.

“As much as she trusts David and takes Jen at her word that she’d never pursue a married guy, it just feels wrong and gives her the creeps,” the source said.

Victoria Beckham can't restart her career in LA because of Jennifer Aniston 

David Beckham loves getting women’s attention

As for David, he doesn’t see anything wrong if Aniston has a crush on him. In fact, he enjoys all the attention he’s been receiving.

“David loves all the attention and has been talking about getting together with Jen and her group of friends ever since he got close with Courteney. But at this point though, it’ll happen over Posh’s dead body,” the source said.

However, one should take the tabloid’s claims with a grain of salt.

Jennifer Aniston doesn’t have a crush on David. So, there’s no reason for Victoria to be upset.

Jennifer Aniston linked to a slew of men

Throughout the past couple of years, Aniston has been linked to a slew of men simply because she’s been single since 2018.

Last month, Life & Style alleged that Aniston is torn between Jason Sudeikis, Gerard Butler, and John Mayer.

The tabloid provided reasons why the Friends star is, allegedly, drawn to each of the men, starting off with Sudeikis.

“He’s brought over some of Jen’s favorite dishes from her favorite LA restaurants. Their nights are easygoing and casual,” the source said.

As for Butler, the source said that he’s a very physical guy.

“He’s giving Jen massages, foot rubs – he has that touch and just does the right thing to get her mind off of everything and everyone else,” the source said.

But it seems Aniston is most drawn to her ex-boyfriend, Mayer.

“Jen knows she should run, but she’s got this connection to John that she just can’t quit. He’s doing all the right things to win her back. And he’s given her a pricey bracelet engraved with a heartfelt message. He’s also written her a couple of songs, which blows her away,” the source said.

Unfortunately, Jennifer Aniston hasn’t expressed any desire to date these three A-listers.

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