Victoria Beckham worried about the backlash David Beckham is facing due to Qatar deal: Rumor


Victoria Beckham has, allegedly, been getting the brunt of the backlash that her husband, David Beckham has been getting following his controversial deal with Qatar.

According to Heat UK, Victoria Beckham has become increasingly tense and she can’t do anything about it.

“Things have been getting increasingly tense ever since human rights campaigners started complaining about David’s deal with Qatar. But it’s Vic who’s been getting the brunt of it, and she’s been worried sick about the effect it will have on the family as a whole,” the source said.

Victoria Beckham’s friends think David Beckham should drop the deal

The insider added that Victoria’s friends advised her that it’s not acceptable and she’s, allegedly, feeling the heat given how homophobic the country is.

“But she knows David can’t simply walk away from it, as it will have huge implications – it’s worth so much. She’s very worried that they’re in too deep and is concerned they might not recover from this. It just feels like every week it’s getting worse and there is more pressure on them to back down,” the source said.

Victoria Beckham upset with David Beckham

According to the source, Victoria is also upset with her husband in a way because he has not addressed the situation publicly. As such, the Spice Girls member couldn’t help but feel the need to deal with the issue on her own.

“She knows the reason is that he’s too proud and doesn’t want to admit he could be wrong – but Vic has this sinking feeling that it could be their undoing and that Brand Beckham could reach breaking point if it turns into a major scandal. She understands that it’s a huge deal and is bringing in a lot of money, but she’s asked him what the cost will be to their brand if it all goes sour,” the source said.

Rumors debunked

As of late, the Beckhams have not addressed the backlash after David accepted a deal with Qatar. So, no one knows for sure that the couple thinks about it.

It’s not surprising for the tabloid to suggest that Victoria Beckham is somehow the one handling all the stress for the family because she’s a doting mom and wife.

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