VIDEO: Crypto mining rig in Australian home leads to police raid

Crypto mining rig in Australian home leads to police raid

A South Australian man is furious after police conducted a full-scale raid on his home expecting to find a drug lab… Instead they found a crypto mining rig.

Rob Butvila arrived at his home in Smithfield, in Adelaide’s north, on Monday to find a note on the front door from South Australia Police.

“Occupant your address has been entered by police,” the note read.

Mr Butvila claims police broke or removed gates, doors and fence panels at his property in order to get inside.

“The busted my house, they got in, they heard noises in this room that are a fans, they kicked the door open expecting to find marijuana crops and this is what they found, computers,” said Mr Butvila in a video posted to social media.

“They destroyed my home for computers, this is the Elizabeth Police Station… And when I asked for answer they hang up on me!

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“Ridiculous, who’s going to pay for my damage?”

It’s understood solar panels, ventilation fans and security cameras visible at the property led police to suspect drugs were being grow.

SA Police says officers found no illegal activity at the address once they got inside.

“For operational reasons, police do not give prior notice of the intention to execute search warrants. Police always try to minimise any damage caused during operations,” said a police spokesperson.

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