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Video games that made hunting look more fun than it should be


Video games are supposed to help us be excited about the little things in life.

Hunting is a niche activity that does not appeal to the heart of everyone in video games. But there are video games that have promoted this activity for a long time, and the results have been nothing but amazing.

Made from both entertaining to integral progression, here are some of the most top listed games that a true player should check out. Hunting is a very common mechanic in video games, and players have often had to hunt to complete various quests, collect resources, and sometimes have something to feed on if their health is pretty down low.

Typically separate from normal combat, hunting in video games helps all the players to achieve some goals, and it is a major part of the gameplay throughout.

From weeping RPG to all the action-packed adventures present, hunting simulators are a different level altogether for all video game enthusiasts. Especially, hunting can be a daunting task because players have to locate their prey and use the tools to catch them one after the other.

These hunting mechanics present in video games are by far some of the most fun and unique things out there that players can enjoy.

Tomb Raider (2013)

The newest batch of the Tomb Raider games focuses less on the fantastic adventure but more on the gritty, realistic end. The critically acclaimed Tomb Raider game features a lot of adventures of a younger and less experience Lara Croft and how she is trying to survive. For instance, all the players are asked to do the hunting as a task to feed themselves something while Croft is starving.

Lara must hunt all the deer for meat and act as a prelude for all the violence that she is son to be thrust into as the game’s story progresses. This game is more or less grotesque with their hunting scene, but it hints for a dash of reality that it is a pretty brutal job to do.

The Oregon Trail

As education as the game is, there is a prolific impact on all the players. This game is made out of many different mechanics, including the managing of the health of the players when they need it and the wagon party for maintaining all the supply levels in the face of the constant misfortune.

One of the main mechanics of this game was a hunting mini-game that saw all the players targeting animals to get a hold on meat, with bigger and more dangerous animals providing better rewards.

Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild

Last but not least, this game has pretty much helped all the players to understand what real hunting looks like. The sweeping and epic adventure in the Legend of Zelda series has introduced plenty of new elements to the series, including all the in-depth cooking system in which players can discover various recipes by combining all the new ingredients.

Several hostile animals are used for providing all the meat that the main protagonist can catch and defeat to avail.

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