Video Gaming: Kids and teens desiderate to reconnect

Lockdowns in several countries have become the “new-normal” standard of living. From academics to business, shopping to conferences, and social video games most activities are now being done online.

It’s a bit difficult to rely on this way of living, but it’s necessary. The social video games have seen a surge in the number of gamers during this period of quarantine.

Studies see a surge in gaming amid the COVID-19 pandemic

This is not only enhancing the growth of the gaming domain in the world but also is helping in tranquilizing the mundane mental state of people. This surge in the gaming field is, however, allowing people to reconnect with their friends and re-invent their passion for gaming, which might have lost due to the exhaustive daily routine.

According to the source of NPD Groups, U.S. saw the surge of consumer spending a lot on video gaming, which increased the profit by 30% from the last year leading to a collection of $11.6 billion. NDP analyst Mat Piscatella claims that people are switching over the online mode of video gaming, not just to keep themselves preoccupied but also to connect with family and friends.

Parents with tweens or older children are shifting over video gaming to culminate the barrier of “non-physical” presence at school. Video gaming will help in maintaining a fledgling relationship with classmates and can even help in sculpting an enduring bond between classmates as district schools have opted for virtual online classes nowadays.

Gaming is said to help build and maintain social capital

These days, the video game has the power to build a collaborative relationship. There are many resilient features that video games provide. One to be considered is the audio chat feature, which helps in compensating the regular discussion done over the playground or hallway. However, this feature varies for different platforms.

If you are using PlayStation or Xbox, you need to subscribe to the Live access to facilitate the audio chat. Both platforms provide you with open chat platforms; however, you can limit to your friends for promoting gaming discussions.

On the other hand, PC or Mac provides a gaming platform with a twisted audio chat feature, be careful to change the privacy settings to promote a smooth and confidential chat discussion. Some games do not provide an audio chat feature, which, alternatively, can be achieved by using third chat applications.

There are many apps in the gaming zone, which can be a solution for your stodgy lifestyle, but some of them are trending impressively in this domain. Fortnite, Roblox, Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, Overwatch, NBA 2K, and FIFA are some games, to name the few.

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