Video proves identity of Russia’s mysterious Bitcoin bull


Video proves identity of Russia's mysterious Bitcoin bull

A Micky News video has confirmed the identity of the economic analyst who claims Russia will soon invest $10 Billion worth of its reserves in Bitcoin.

When Vladislav Ginko began tweeting about his theory, there were suspicions his Twitter account was a fake. This was in part due to the fact he’d posted some questionable tweets – including one supporting convicted Ponzi scheme operator Bernie Madoff.

But while some questions about Ginko’s credibility remain, we can confirm the man operating the Twitter account is the same person shown in the Twitter profile picture, and that he’s of sufficient standing to regularly appear on Russian television.

A few days ago, we organised a Skype interview with the Moscow based analyst. The video – which was recorded and published without any payment to Ginko – shows him speaking to us from what appears to be the green room of a TV studio.

“Diversifying reserves into Bitcoin is a normal way to diversify risks,” he told Micky News.

“(And) we know that Vladimir Putin is very fond of new financial technologies.”

The interview ends abruptly when somebody fits a microphone to Ginko and he walks into a room full of bright lights to a loud applause. Micky News later found video of Ginko in the same clothing talking about poverty and politics on a Russian TV show.

Micky News has written to the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration seeking more details about Ginko’s role there as a lecturer.

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