Viewers gush over the premiere of ‘Tale of the Nine-Tailed’

The most awaited K-drama titled Tale of the Nine-Tailed has premiered!

Tale of the Nine-Tailed is a story of a gumiho or a mythical nine-tailed fox, named Yi Yeon. The character is played by Lee Dong Wook, who resides in the city proper.

Jo Bo Ah acts as Nam Ji Ah. She is a fearless producer and director who determines to track down Yi Yeon. Moreover, Kim Bum plays as Yi Rang, the half-brother of Yi Yeon. He is an offspring of a human being and a gumiho.

As Tale of the Nine-Tailed aired its pilot episode, here are the reasons why everyone should tune in to the newest K-drama series.

The teamwork

Although other dramas hail a woman gumiho as its lead star, the Tale of the Nine-Tailed is far more unique because of its male gumiho. Director Kang Shin Hyo and writer Han Woo Ri teamed up for the new mythical subject.

Furthermore, Kang Shin Hyo is also responsible for the hit dramas Midas, Tazza, and Heirs. He joined Han Woo Ri again for Tale of the Nine-Tailed, making the fans look forward to the collaboration that will surely bring another hit.

The cast ensemble of “Tale of the Nine-Tailed”

The new drama has been making fans’ excitement level mount up since its announcement. The viewers are also looking forward to the chemistry that the three actors will portray as they take interesting new roles.

Visually appealing

Tale of the Nine-Tailed will be a feast for the eyes.

WYSIWYG Studios has taken the drama to a whole new level. The production had the CGI team of the 2018 film The Witch work for the said drama series.

Martial arts director Park Joo Chun created exciting action scenes for the drama. He previously worked for Gunman in Joseon and Incomplete Life. The transformation from being a human to a mythical character will be a visually appealing experience to the viewers.

Image courtesy of tvN DRAMA/YouTube Screenshot

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