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‘Vigor’ out on Nintendo Switch but not exactly free-to-play yet


Bohemia Interactive’s online looter shooter game, Vigor, is finally expanding to Nintendo’s handheld console, Switch.

Originally played on the Xbox One console, Vigor is supposedly a free-to-play video game that came out in August 2019. Per Gamespot, it had a whopping 4.5 million players, which makes it Switch expansion an excitement to its wide-scoped community.

Not exactly free-to-play for now

Per the gaming media outlet, the Nintendo Switch release of Vigor cannot exactly be played for free, as of the moment. This is due to the fact that the game is launched alongside a DLC or a Founder’s Pack, which is not exactly optional.

This means players must buy the Founder’s Pack to be able to play the loot shooter title, Vigor.

The Founder’s Pack has a price tag of US$20[AU$28.79], and it comes with the following benefits, per its Eshop listing:

  • Early access to the game before the Free-to-Play Release
  • Founder Uniform
  • Vigor Baseball Cap
  • Gesture “Dust-off Hands”
  • Crowns

As noted by Gamespot, the Founder’s pack is a time-limited offer, but as to how long it’ll be made available for is uncertain. While its free-to-play release is reportedly slated sometime this year—the exact date is also uncertain.

The reason behind the price tag is explained on its official announcement which reads:

We decided to take the same approach as we took on Xbox and release the game as a premium title first before it goes fully Free-to-Play. This allows us to form a bond with our community and gather initial feedback.

Switch players who will opt to buy the Founder’s pack should worry about a progression wipe, similar to what happened to the Xbox players before the free-to-play release. The devs have assured that the players’ progression will be carried over.

Vigor gameplay and details

The game will come at a hefty size on Nintendo Switch which is 4.4GB. Although, the game is supported by the Save Data Cloud backup.

Vigor is a “shoot ‘n’ loot” type of game where players will also have the ability to build their own Shelter, as they try to battle out the post-war setting in Norway. The game is well-received,

Currently, the online video game is on its fourth season, entitled Warlords. Switch players will reportedly be able to jump right on Season 4, where a new 5v5 mode called Elimination has just been added.

Per the official Vigor announcement, players from Xbox One and Switch will be sharing the same server, which means the game will be cross-platform.

Featured image courtesy of Vigor

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