Netflix’s ‘Vikings: Valhalla’ restarts filming after COVID-19 positive tests

Vikings spinoff Vikings: Valhalla

The NetflixVikings sequel, Vikings: Valhalla, resumed filming in Ireland days after many of the cast and crew reportedly tested positive for COVID-19.

Reports cited that people are back at the Ashford Studios as of Thursday, Oct 8, to restart work on Vikings: Valhallasince most of the test results were “false positive.”

According to Deadline, MGM orders the cast and crew to undergo a “rigorous testing process” many times a week to ensure everyone’s safety. Those with confirmed positive tests, after a series of re-tests, have been asked to quarantine. They may only return to the set if their latest tests reveal a negative result. Meanwhile, contract tracing within the set has been initiated.

The Irish Times previously reported that “dozens” were infected in the Wicklow studio. A spokesperson confirmed that production paused for Monday and Tuesday only.

“Once the false-positive results were confirmed, we were cleared to go back into production on Wednesday,” the spokesperson said.

Spinoff details, plot, and release date

Vikings: Valhalla is the spinoff of the History series Vikings, which ran for six seasons. This time, Netflix will be directly involved with the show, instead of acquiring the rights to the broadcast from History.

The streamer instantly ordered 24 episodes for the spinoff. Netflix also signed the same creator, Michael Hirst, to develop a new show. Jeb Stuart boarded the development to help Hirst write the episodes.

Vikings: Valhalla takes place 100 years after the final moments on the mother series, which wrapped in History in February 2020. However, the spinoff won’t likely premiere until 2022 because of the production delays. Reports, however, cited that a second season is in development.

Netflix is also still planning to air Vikings season 6, which has 20 episodes, but the release date hasn’t been confirmed.

Who’s in the new show?

None of the characters from the main series will appear in the spinoff. According to What’s on Netflix, what’s clear is there will be four historical figures to be featured on the show: William the Conqueror and the Vikings –Leif Erikson, Freydis, Harald Hardrada.

Only a few actors have been announced, so far — Yvonne Mai (Merin), Bill Murphy (Odgar), Ethan Dillion (unknown but recurring role), Bosco Hogan (Athelred), Alan Devine (Ealdorman of Kent), Gavin O’Connor (Ealdorman of East Anglia) and Jack Mullarkey (Toke). Incidentally, Devine and Hogan were guests in the original series as different characters.

Meanwhile, Vikings is also airing on Hulu and Amazon, per an agreement with History. Vikings: Valhalla might only stream on Netflix since its exclusive to the platform.


Image courtesy of History/YouTube

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