Vince McMahon’s documentary is in progress by Netflix with WWE

Netflix is bringing the story of the iconic WWE CEO and Vice-Chairman, Vince McMahon, to the streaming platform, and WWE fans can watch his insane levels of toughness and life story of achieving his dreams.

Now, you will be able to watch his insanity on a video streaming platform. Yes, you heard it right! Netflix is bringing a multi-part episodic bibliographic series of Vince McMahon, where you can look over the insane works and exciting fights of his career.

WWE made this announcement in an official meeting with the investors to earn quarter 3 on Wednesday, reported by Wrestling Observer.

The documentary project will be produced by WWE, along with Bill Simmons, who has previously worked in HBO’s documentary, back in 2018, named Andre the Giant.

This enthralling project’s director will be none other than Chris Smith, who even directed Netflix’s Fyre Festival documentary before. Vince McMahon is noted in the WWE World for many reasons.

Major things which might be focused in the documentary

He has played on the WWE screen for two decades, even if he was on hold while participating in the matches. He is most noted for the match of the ’90s with Stone Cold Steve Austin and their feud against each other.

He also has a rags-to-riches story, which will be reflected in the biography—growing up in a North Carolinian trailer home with his abusive and ruthless father. However, the tables have turned as the WWE CEO has a total bank balance of $1.6 billion.

In the wrestling ring, McMahon is known for his enigmatic and idiosyncratic personality traits. He is a workaholic and a notorious fitness enthusiast, who posed for Muscle and Fitness at 70.

What else will the Vince McMahon documentary have?

The former employees of WWE wrestling know that McMahon gets upset after he sneezes. On account of that, he needs to control his physical impulse of sneezing.

McMahon’s other stories and incidents are that he drag raced and almost killed a prominent member from the writing team of WWE wrestling.

He announced his fake arrestment at the park the moment he wanted to fart on someone’s face but eventually soiled himself.

These moments were captured before he used to go inside the wrestling ring, where the camera team was allowed to shoot beside his back.

The stories will ultimately depict that yes, the documentary will be fascinating. But yet, there hasn’t been any official announcement of its release date till now.

Image courtesy of George Koroneos/Shutterstock

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