‘Vinland Saga’ Chapter 181: A move to make friends with the natives

Vinland Saga Chapter 181

Thorfinn and his crew have finally landed on the southern part of Vinland. As other people are living there, will the natives accept this group in Vinland Saga Chapter 181?

Thorfinn and Hild found the natives living in the area. To offer a token of friendship, he left a couple of rags full of food for them. However, it remains to be seen if these people will welcome them in Vinland Saga Chapter 181.

A token of friendship

According to EpicDope, the inhabitants of Vinland are quite hostile, putting Thorfinn and his team’s lives in danger.

As Thorfinn bravely offers a pile of food as a sign of peace and offering, what will happen to him and his people?

In the previous chapter, Hild showed a sudden character change after Thorfinn decided to give their food to the natives.

With his good deed, there are theories they may accept and appreciate what Thorfinn did in Vinland Saga Chapter 181. They may even give them their own token of appreciation.

Chapter 180 recap

Vinland Saga Chapter 180 showed Thorfinn finally found a place to land that met all of his conditions after sailing for over seven days.

The place possessed good soil, was close to the forest and had a beach for ship docking. It was also complete with a source of fresh water that they could use.

As they all celebrated to see a perfect place to stay, his fifth condition demanded that it never had any inhabitants.

So, the whole team searched the entire area to find any traits of humans living there. On the other hand, Gudrid and other women prepared their food, while Cordellia started lifting the heavy stuff.

Later, Hild and Thorfinn found some natives, and the latter gave them food for the offering. Hild agreed with Thorfinn’s decision, though a little skeptical.

As they returned to their camp, Thorfinn wanted the natives to know that they meant no harm.

The anime’s future

Aside from the manga, fans are also waiting for Vinland Saga Season 2. It has been more than a year since the first season ended, so they are clamoring for some update.

Despite the lengthy wait, it remains to be seen if a second season will be in the works. Comicbook noted there had been a problem in the series internally that they were still trying to resolve.

So, it looks like fans still have to wait a little longer to hear anything about Vinland Saga Season 2.

Meanwhile, they should wait for Vinland Saga Chapter 181’s release instead on Wednesday, Mar. 24, or Thursday, Mar. 25.

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