Virgin Galactic and NASA partners for a high-speed air travel

The Virgin Galactic, in partnership with NASA, plans to create ultra-high-speed air travel. If it works, this technology can save hours for long-haul flight times.

The company of Sir Richard Branson is on the move together with the space agency in America. Their goal is to develop civilian planes that can carry passengers at a higher speed. This plane will be superior to modern airliners. It can also travel higher in the atmosphere.

Advanced plane technology

The Virgin Galactic confirms its partnership with NASA after shaving off up to 3,000 jobs in the UK. They stop operating at Gatwick Airport, too. These companies are under Sir Richard’s Virgin Group.

They came into an agreement to shorten the long-distance flights. It should take fewer hours to travel a long distance. The technology will use the Virgin’s spacecraft. Its innovative design can travel higher to the upper edge of the Earth’s atmosphere.

These high-Mach vehicles will carry civil passengers from the US. They are hoping to combine their expertise in spacecraft engineering and flight testing.

Virgin Galactic and NASA project

The director of NASA Aeronautics Advanced Air Vehicles Program is Dr. James Kenyon. He confirms it in a statement. “This Space Act Agreement will enable NASA to collaborate with Virgin Galactic and The Spaceship Company to allow our organizations to take advantage of new tools, techniques, and technologies developed over the last 50 years and to explore potential new solutions for the commercial aviation industry.”

NASA is currently working with three companies for the Artemis program. They aim to reach the moon once again. They are working on creating moon landers that the astronauts can use.

The Virgin Galactic says they focus on better customer experience and environmental sustainability. Despite the pandemic, the spaceflight company continues its operation in the US.

“Virgin Galactic’s unique experience and innovative technology platform will, in partnership with the historical capabilities of NASA and other government agencies, enable the progression of new technical steps that will improve US competitiveness.”

The CEO of Virgin Galactic Holdings, George Whitesides, also confirms it. He says that they are willing to invest in their commercial spaceflight operations.

“This is the beginning of an important partnership for Virgin Galactic and The Spaceship Company that will support the future development of aviation technology.” He adds.

The success of this project between Virgin Galactic and NASA is anticipating. It would help man to travel from all over the world in shorter hours and better comfort.

Images courtesy of ThePixelman/Pixabay, WikiImages/Pixabay

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