‘Virgin River’ Season 2 returns to Netflix bearing light scenes unlike ‘Dead to Me’

The romantic drama series, Virgin River season 2 is returning to Netflix. However, the release date is still unknown.

Despite the lack of information for its return, Virgin River season 2 has already secured a slot among Netflix’s TV series. With the news of its renewal, Virgin River proves to be a streaming-worth piece of series. After months of rest, fans anticipate the return of the characters on TV.

In comparison to Netflix’s dark drama series, such as Dead To Me, Virgin River series takes the viewers to simple town life and great scenic views.

What is Virgin River all about

Virgin River is a small town drama set in rural California. Although the series is based in California, the filming takes place in  Canada. Originally a Hallmark drama series, Netflix took the liberty of investing in Hallmark’s idealistic romance novels.

The series is base on the novel of Robyn Carr. Furthermore, the production of Virgin River season 2 is handled by Sea to Sky Productions ULC.

Mel Monroe(Alexandra Breckenridge) moved into the simple town of Virgin River hoping for a fresh start. The mayor of Virgin River, Hope Mcrea (Annette O’Toole) hired Mel as a midwife and nurse practitioner without the knowledge of the town doctor (Tim Matheson). Tension began with Mel and Dr. Mullins when Mel accidentally called Dr. Mullins old. From that moment, the two constantly argued with each other.

Furthermore, the story took a turn when Mel and Jack (Jack Sheridan) met and became fast friends. In the later part of the series, Mel and Jack found love, until the news on the pregnancy of Jack’s girlfriend broke out.  The finale of Virgin River season 1 ended with Mel packing her bags to go home.

Virgin River Season 2 Cast and Plot

In an announcement, Netflix shared about the characters to reprise their roles. Such characters include Martin Henderson, Alexandra Breckenridge, Jenny Cooper, Grayson Maxwell Gurnsey, Benjamin Hollingsworth, Colin Lawrence.

Netflix also announced the entry of new characters,  such as Carmel Amit (Jamie), Keith MacKechnie (Nick), Donald Heng(George), Steve Bacic (Wes), Lane Edwards(Sheriff Duncan) and Thomas Nicholson(Leo Cavanagh).

Virgin River season 2 will also introduce Melinda Dahl to play the role of  Mel’s sister-in-law. Although there no available trailer yet, there’s a lot of questions that must be answered in season 2.

For instance, the divorce of Hope Mcrea to his doctor husband, Dr. Mullins. Also, fans will see Jack’s decision on being a new father. The town of Virgin River is already used to having Mel as their nurse. Viewers are looking forward to Mel’s decision to either move back home or stay at Virgin River.

When Netflix release Virgin River

Currently, there is no information on the release date, however, the series is expected to reach the home screen in the summer of 2020. The filming of the second installment was completed in December 2019.

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