‘Virgin River’ season 2 teases Fall 2020 release, third installment is coming

Virgin River season 2 is nearing its release date as Netflix has confirmed that the small-town romance will arrive before the year ends. Moreover, the third installment is coming too.

Akin to the Hallmark based series, the Virgin River garnered positive reviews just days from its initial release. Fans are loving the light storyline and yet still provides enough dramatic flair. Furthermore, Virgin River season 2 is very much anticipated because of Jack and Melanie’s blooming romance.

Adapted from Robyn Carr’s novel series of the same name, Virgin River stars Alexandra Breckenridge, who plays Mel. It also stars Martin Henderson as Jack. The series follows Mel, who moves to the town of Virgin River after accepting the job as a nurse practitioner. As she tries to fit in, she is faced with the town’s daily struggles, as well as her own. In an attempt to escape her past, she realizes that she needs to heal her wounds before she can truly love again.

While season 2 is still waiting for Netflix’s go signal, the third installment is already renewed on the streaming platform.

What happened in season 1

Following Mel’s series of traumatic heartbreak, she arrives in Virgin River town invigorated to work as a nurse. However, as she exerts effort in helping the town, Dr. Mullins refuses to let her help despite Mel’s expertise. Ready to quit the job, she meets the local bar owner, Jack, who begins to show her care, and encourages her to stay. Towards the end, Dr. Mullins finally accepts Mel’s expertise and begins to befriend her.

Another interesting turn in the series is the blooming romance between Mel and Jack. And just as Mel is beginning to move on from her past, she finds out that Jack is to become a father. However, Mel did not hear the news from Jack but the town’s mayor, Hope, the estranged wife of Dr. Mullins. Season 1 ended with Mel packing her bags to go back to the big city.

“Virgin River” season 2 plot

Although nothing is yet announced on the second season’s plot, the first installment has several directions to follow. Mel might be heading out of the town completely, or will she plan to work out her relationship with Jack despite him becoming a father.

On the other hand, Hope has urged Dr. Mullins to get a lawyer so that they can finally get their divorce done. Will Hope continue the divorce process, or will she give Dr. Mullins another chance at their relationship.

Season 2 release date

For now, nothing is yet final; Netflix teases Fall release. However, an exact date has not been revealed. The series is not included in the October release schedule, which means that Virgin River season 2 might arrive in November. Furthermore, there’s a good chance that the series will drop in December.

Image Courtesy of Netflix/YouTube Screenshot

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