Vivo introduced the concept of detachable pop-up camera

Vivo is introducing the new detachable pop-up camera in its latest model. The smartphone can control the detachable camera for better angles.

Vivo is famous for its mobile camera innovations, and now it has introduced a new detachable pop-up camera. Vivo was the first to introduce pop-up selfie cameras in mobile phones.

About that, now Vivo is going to detach that selfie camera from mobile phones. Lately, Vivo has surprised the smartphone industry with the dual elevating front cameras. The dual elevating front camera provides Wide Angle shots.

Also, the dual elevating front camera includes two cameras on the front. Those two cameras help the user get better image quality and shots. After that, Vivo introduced the detachable camera in the model IFEA.

In addition to that, the Vivo IFEA is a new model that will have a detachable front camera design. Also, the camera will be remotely controlled by itself. The detachable camera includes many more features.


The smartphone will include a front magnetic camera that will have the unique design of the pop-up camera. The detachable camera will have its battery supply. It is a unique concept by Vivo.

In addition to that, the Red Dot design awards 2020 is won by this concept only. The detachable camera can give a whole new meaning to mobile photography. Not only portrait or scenic images, but this camera can also innovatively capture selfies.

The Vivo IFEA will have a bezel-less design and will include three back cameras. The camera attaches itself to the phone with the help of a magnet.

The camera will also come with different sensors, such as the fish-eye-lens, telephoto lens, and Ultra-Wide Angle Lens.

Because it will have a detachable camera, the smartphone includes many more features related to the camera itself. The uses of the camera and its features make the smartphone much more desirable.

Features of the detachable camera

First of all, the main feature of the camera is the Lost mode. The phone will immediately notify the user if the camera is left behind. Not only this, it will detect how much far the user is from the camera.

Secondly, the camera can shoot at different angles. As the camera is detachable, it can shoot from Complex angles as well. Because of the flexibility of the camera, it can provide better images.

In addition to that, the camera comes with many accessories that can help the user to handle it comfortably.

One of the most desirable accessories is the clip. The company provides a hook so that the user can attach it to his or her bag or shirt.

About that, the clip will make the camera as a makeshift action camera. The user can record his or her adventures and Journeys. After that, the camera can also come with a color-changing case concept.

In conclusion, Vivo has introduced the Vivo IFEA in the Red Dot design awards. Soon it will launch the model in the commercial market. The detachable camera of the model is the most desirable feature of the smartphone.

Image courtesy of Framesira/Shutterstock

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