‘WandaVision’: Kathryn Hahn wants to join MCU again

After showing her magical and surprising side in WandaVision, actress Kathryn Hahn wants to rejoin the MCU in the future, if anything comes up.

While talking to New York Times, Kathryn said she would go for a new MCU project. She portrayed the role of ancient witch Agatha Harkness in the recently concluded WandaVision.

The Disney+ show featured Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany in leading roles.

Kathryn’s MCU hopes after WandaVision

In the interview with New York Times, the actress admitted that she doesn’t have an idea, right now, for her future in the MCU. But if Marvel Studios has further plans for her, she will join the franchise again.

“I have no idea. They keep it tight,” she said about Marvel.

When asked regarding the possibilities of returning, she answered:

“Oh, me too. I want to [have another opportunity.] Now that I have a taste of it, I’m like ‘Ahh.’ I really, really love it.”

In WandaVision, Hahn played a “Nosy Neighbor” named Agnes. Initially, she was a lovely and happy-go-lucky kind of character. But as the show progressed towards its finale, she revealed her true ambitions.

Harkness even got her credits song titled Agatha All Along. It shed light on all the events in the series in which she was involved. She was the brains behind many situations and things happening to other people–most of the time.

Fans who want to binge-watch WandaVision at the moment can still do it. It’s available to stream on the Disney Plus service.

New Marvel content in the future

After the end of one entry, many other upcoming MCU projects are scheduled to arrive for the fans. Simply put, they won’t have to wait long to see a fresh installment.

Later this month, the Disney+ platform will receive a brand new TV show, Falcon and the Winter Soldier. It will feature Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan in their iconic roles of Sam and Bucky.

Furthermore, there are multiple MCU movies lined-up to release. Black WidowShang-Chi, and Eternals are facing a round of extended delays. However, Kevin Feige and the team are trying their best to make sure they come out in theaters, no matter what.

Due to rising COVID-19 cases, it’s becoming impossible for people to go outside. And if the situation remains unchanged, then it may result in a negative impact for Marvel Studios. Because then the movies will only come out for streaming, instead of going to cinema halls.


Image courtesy of Marvel Entertainment/YouTube Screenshot

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