Want to remove Frustration move from shadow Pokemon? Here’s how you can try

Frustration moves in Shadow Pokemons are hard to manage, but here is a tentative guide on how players can remove them.

Pokemon Go players have complained in the upcoming days that their Shadow Pokemons are trying to slaughter their gym battles with the frustration move.

Now, players in the game can at least be able to finally get rid of the Frustration move that takes up a move slot on their Shadow Pokemon. One of the main things about Shadow Pokemons in the series that it only has frustration as a charge move, and it is, well, frustrating.

Why is this move so frustrating?

It is a 10 power move that costs about 70 energy. At that point, trainers are better off continuing to use more than quick moves so that they can charge their Pokemon.

Many trainers have explained their frustration regarding the frustration move, and some want to get rid of it permanently. Many trainers catch rare and powerful Shadow Pokemons only to get disappointed when they cannot replace this inferior move with another charge move that can damage more.

That should not be an issue for the short-term future, though. Usually, there is only one way the frustration move can be covered by a shadow Pokemon. This almost defeats the purpose, though, since trainers want to keep the attack boost from the Shadow Pokemon without frustration.

There is no talk of new events for players

However, during the Luminous Event, players will be allowed to change the frustration for a charge. All players have to select the Shadow Pokemon they want to be altered and go into the items tab and then select Elite TM if they have one.

If players don’t possess the same, they can click on the Charge TM. This should be a low-risk decision for all the players. Regardless of which move comes from the TM, it is guaranteed to be better than Frustration.

The Luminous Legends Y event has already ended, and after that, no Shadow Pokemon will be able to have their Frustration charge move swapped out. Niantic has made a proper history of doing this during the special events in the game.

There is no word for when the next big event will be launched in the series after the Luminous Legends, though there is no waiting point. Any trainers that want a strong Shadow Pokemon with two viable charge moves should really; take advantage of this opportunity move.


Image courtesy of JPRPokeTrainer98/YouTube

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