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‘Warcraft III’-inspired management sim, ‘The Unexpected Quest’, to come to PC


The Unexpected Quest, a game inspired after Blizzard’s successful RTS title, Warcraft III, which lets players spawn units, gather resources, and manage an established community, is currently in the works.

The game is a brainchild of Rionix and to be brought out by PQube Games.

A Love Letter to a Classic

Openly described as a game inspired after the likes of classics like Warcraft III and The Settlers, the game features familiar gameplay. A game where players build a civilization where every controllable unit plays an essential role in the community.

Players of the real-time strategy genre, especially Blizzard’s prized title, should already know what that meant. This means starting a civilization of people from the basic to getting more advanced as more resources become accessible for disposal.

Some units are best at foraging or gathering stuff, which the community uses to survive. An element fully realized in the game as each unit’s ability to function is made dependent on the hunger level. Overlook your community’s stock of food recklessly, and you might get a group of units that cease to work.

Others are for made for buildings, which are critical in the continued expansion of the community. As each type of building is capable of summoning different kinds of units, players do best in knowing which to invoke.

A Vast Exploration

Being able to sustain the community’s needs and subsequent expansion is fun. But the game is even more amusing for its sense of adventure—one which lets players explore the overall map’s nook and cranny.

While set in a sandbox world, the game’s overall map is heterogeneous in design that makes it interesting in each uniqueness. Whether it’s the neighboring silent villages, dense forests, majestic mountaintops, or odd-looking swamps. All of which are waiting for the player to explore.

Sharing the world with the player are also diverse creatures that are either hostile or in aid to your cause. Others that are of inferior capability as your armed population would even depend on you for certain things, frequently creating quests that reward.

Quests make for another exciting part of the overall game, giving you the chance to familiarize with the game’s world better and get rewards for completing their call.

As the entity who has oversight over your community’s affairs, you, the player, gets to call the shot.

The Unexpected Quest is still a developing title and will see a future release on PC via Steam later this year.

Image used courtesy of PQubeGames/YouTube Screenshot

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