‘Warframe’ developer to maintain creative autonomy following Tencent take over

Warframe trailer snapshot

Despite a massive buyout that sees Tencent acquiring Leyou Technologies and its subsidiaries, Warframe developer Digital Extremes claims that nothing is changing.

Originally hinted early in the year, Tencent has finally closed the deal with the former chicken company on Dec. 23. The purchase effectively adds Digital Extremes to the Chinese giant’s suite of game developers and publishers.

Pledge of Independence

In an update, the Canadian game developer cites the unusual by claiming that it will maintain autonomy from its new parent company. Essentially, being absolutely independent from Tencent, with it not influencing the game’s future contents in any way.

“Yes, we will continue to create great content for Warframe and we will remain creatively independent. Warframe‘s direction will remain in the hands of its development team, which is 100% dedicated to its community”.

“Our focus will remain on listening to you, our community, upgrading Warframe based on your feedback, and developing the kind of great stories, gameplay, and incredible new space ninja action you’ve come to expect from us. Tencent is well known for respecting the creative decisions and integrity of its studios, and for giving them the autonomy and independence to experiment, innovate and thrive”.


The veracity of the statement may be a subject of debate. Tencent, after all, is known for having a laser focus in arming developers under its wings to come up with games that generate revenue over time. For a deal that cost the Chinese company a hefty $1.5 billion, it makes for a lot of investment. One that could demand some recouping, if not profit.

Even if there’s truth to the claim, the multinational technology conglomerate makes a wise move for having acquired the Warframe dev. The benefit boiling down to the game’s large presence in the free-to-play space that encompasses multiple platforms.

Sister Companies

Digital Extremes is but just one of the others that come with the procurement. Another studio worthy of mention is Splash Damage, the same company behind the multiplayer aspect of some outstanding titles. In particular, Return to Castle Wolfenstein, Doom 3, Gears of War 4, and Gears 5. The British company also brought Halo: The Master Chief Collection to PC and making Gears Tactics.

With its acquisition of Leyou Technologies, Tencent is in an even better position in the business. Consequently, the move also sees the company joining other prominent studios in the latter’s portfolio—namely, Riot Games, Supercell, and Funcom.

Image used courtesy of IGN/YouTube Screenshot

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