‘Warframe’ devs reveal upcoming Heart of Deimos expansion


Warframe is about to get its third expansion called Heart of Deimos. The upcoming installment adds a new alien landscape with an otherworldly geometry.

Heart of Deimos came as a revelation in this weekend’s TennoCon 2020. Dev team Digital Extremes announced that the expansion would begin on August 25. This reveal gives players enough time to prepare for the upcoming monstrosities.

Deimos is a horrific, antediluvian nightmare planet

Warframe is famous for its sci-fi adventures, offering different planets to explore. Many times, the landscapes they show are futuristic, barren, or teeming with life. Deimos is not anything players saw before.


Like real life, Deimos is the second moon of Mars, with the other being Phobos. Unlike many planets within the solar system, Warframe’s Deimos is an infectious mass. It is antediluvian and something straight from the pages of Lovecraft.

Much of Warframe technology is alien, but the new landscape is otherworldly. The dirt itself is squamous and stygian, like a pulsing nightmare. The entire area looks like a hive of mass and flesh.

While Deimos still has technology, everything in it feels corrupted. Players can get boundaries, fight, and explore the entire locale. While it is smaller than Fortuna, it is denser and has more verticality than the former.


Tunnel networks undergo procedural generation, so the exploration aspect is excellent. It also has its factions, together with Eldritch abominations, to dispose of.

Tennos can meet the stygian Entrati family

Heart of Deimos opens up a world that is unsettling to visit, even for Warframe fans. It is glaringly hostile, with the Undulatum full of betentacled carcasses of dead insectoids. It doesn’t help that the entire locale is colored orange and lifeless gray.

What little tech available in Deimos comes from the Necralisk, a vast necropolis of sorts. It is a research enclave and home of Mother, the head of the Entrati family. Mother herself is a sentient eldritch abomination with a sardonic liveliness to her.

As players explore, they will also learn more about the world and its infection. Players need to find a way to keep the status quo and keep “the Heart” beating. Tennos would also encounter the Necramech—staunch guardians of the Necralisk.

Exploring Deimos will be an enjoyable task for sure. It is action-packed, filled with things to discover. It also offers a lot of adventures, much of it involving the Entrati.

Players will find mechs filled with undying corpses. Lifeforms will be horrific like they’re ripped straight from the grimdark universe of Warhammer. Heart of Deimos is a unique expansion that Warframe players will surely love.

Images courtesy of Digital Extremes/Youtube Screenshot

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