‘Warframe’ to support crossplay, cross saves in future update

Warframe crossplay and cross save announcement trailer

Warframe’s upcoming expansion, The New War, will come up with crossplay and cross save support.

TennoCon 2021 launched last Saturday successfully and comes with a major reveal for Warframe’s upcoming contents. Not only did it unveil some details regarding the developing expansion, but it also mentions of the mobile version for the game. That’s not even including other relevant revelations, such as the unveiling of Nidus Prime, and character swaps in-game.

Exciting News

Everything about the livestream is interesting to say the least. But nothing probably steals the show more so than the announcement regarding some upcoming and long overdue features. It specifically refers to the crossplay and cross save options that will be making their way into the game. Essentially, making play experience possible across various platforms and making the shift easier from one platform to another.

In other words, once crossplay gets implemented, players are able to play with others, regardless of which platform they use. Consequently, gone are the constraint when players would only get to play with others on similar platforms only. Breaking down on the barriers that have been segregating the entire fan base into multiple camps for years. That is, PC players can anticipate a play encounter with players from different console, or vice versa.

But for players who have been itching to switch to a varying platform can now do so via cross save. Unlike existing system where a player’s progress is tied to the platform he plays at, cross save breaks boundaries. Particularly, by allowing users to continue where they left off on whichever platform they choose. This option will come in handy for players who have a dynamic lifestyle that requires different kind of devices for video gaming entertainment. For instance, desktop users would be able to play Warframe still when they go out if they have a Switch.

Welcome Features

As the game expands in its player base, the ability to easily transition between platforms is a convenience that is auspicious to the franchise. Not only will this imply the retention of many of its users, but also potentially attract new ones. Ultimately, it all comes down to the benefit of letting players carry on with their investments with the game.

While Digital Extremes did not leave the updates’ official rollout a mystery, there’s confidence in the idea that it’s indeed arriving. It might be during the time of the next expansion’s release, or even any time after it. But only time will tell, for now.

Image used courtesy of PlayWarframe/YouTube Screenshot

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