Wargaming Sydney to extend WFH setup until 2021 due to COVID-19

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Australia’s largest AAA studio, Wargaming Sydney, is setting aside the idea of resuming office operations and extending the work-from-home setup until June 2021. A decision that comes amid the pandemic that remains underway since its onset early in the year.

To Whom It May Concern

The announcement comes in the form of a tweet that informs its employees about the plan.

“We recently told our team that we’re extending #WFH plans to at least June 2021.”

That is not to say that the work setting is closed for employees not to enter, however. In essence, the office would remain open. At least, to those who still prefer to perform their role at an actual job site rather than at home. However, the game company is not encouraging anyone to be in it for work until June next year.

“The studio will still be open for those who prefer to work there, and we’re continuing to grow the studio and hire, with interviews conducted virtually.”

Necessary Measure

Intuitively, the option coincides with the public-imposed measure that limits the number of people in the gathering, whether by leisure or for work.

Sydney is relatively doing well. This notion is especially true when compared to its US counterparts that have been seeing thousands of new cases per day.

One does not even have to look abroad for comparison to see how the city is in a better position than its neighboring local region. Just within Australia alone, Sydney still enjoys certain privileges that are otherwise taken from other Australians.

Victoria, for instance, had to enforce a curfew that prevents people from being outdoors between 8 PM until 5 AM. Adding to that is the fact that even neighbors are forbidden to visit one another due to social distancing. All of which is an attempt to curb a number that sees hundreds of Victorians testing positive for coronavirus.

Embracing Possibility

The notion of the work-from-home has indeed become a trend since this year that makes for a temporary solution to an ongoing problem. Subsequently pushing big companies to adopt a structure never done before.

But no other company has ever embraced the need for the remote setup as openly as Wargaming Sydney. Much to announce its openness to stick to a temporary solution that is significantly less as efficient as the traditional.

There’s no telling at this point whether next year would be substantially better than the present. But we can all hope.

Image used courtesy of Wargaming Sydney/YouTube Screenshot

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