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‘Warzone’ players can play ‘Black Ops Cold War’ for free


Treyarch is letting Warzone players get a taste of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War free of charge. Find out how.

Despite the mixed reception, Black Ops Cold War is without a doubt one of the most highly anticipated releases of 2020. And with the release of Season One with all of its exciting new content, maps, and game modes, Activision would want to take advantage of the game’s current popularity.

For this, they are now letting Warzone players try the Black Ops Cold War multiplayer for free.

From Warzone to Black Ops Cold War

Warzone and BOCW originally had different developers. Infinity Ward worked on the former while Treyarch spearheaded the creation of the latter. Despite this fact, both games now share a singular progression. This is because Activision has decided to continue the massively successful battle royale game onto the next title.

Having the same progression doesn’t mean Warzone players can play BOCW for free. They would still need to buy the game for $60 just like other people. This isn’t really a cause for concern since the game is, in fact, a new title.

But now Activision and Treyarch want to give Warzone players a taste of the exciting new game.

Free access week for Warzone players

Treyarch has confirmed that they’re giving a free access week for Warzone players started last Thursday, December 17.

“Celebrate the holidays by partying up with friends and jumping into multiplayer modes in Black Ops Cold War,” Treyarch announced on the Call of Duty website.

Activision has divided the free week into two stages. Both stages will run for three and a half days. The first stage began on December 17 and ends on December 21. It features a number of the game’s most popular game modes:

  • 2v2 Gunfight
  • Domination
  • Nuketown Holiday 24/7 playlist
  • Raid the Mall playlist
  • Team Deathmatch

The second stage begins on December 21 and runs until the end of the free week. While this stage will still retain the game modes mentioned above, it will also feature two of the most exciting game modes the game has released.

The stage will see the arrival of “Prop Hunt,” the all-new Call of Duty hide and seek game mode. It will arrive alongside the “Fireteam: Dirty Bomb” game mode, the biggest and most popular game mode for BOCW.

Alongside the free access week, the game is also offering Double XP and weapon bonuses for current Black Ops Cold War players and their Operators.

Featured image courtesy of Call of Duty/YouTube Screenshot

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