‘Warzone’ players demand ‘Fortnite’ revive feature to be included in season 4

Call of Duty continues to lead the battle royale genre. However, fans are demanding a Fortnite feature to be added to the game for the next season.

Call of Duty Warzone is presently one of the best battle royale games. Since it was released last March 10, the game has been competing with long-running shooting games such as Fortnite and Apex Legends.

Revive function

Despite having a successful launch, several Warzone players are suggesting that the game would even be better if it will borrow a feature straight out of Fortnite.

Similar to most battle royale games, Warzone players are provided a short period to be resurrected after their HP bar drops to zero. However, players can only little in this vulnerable state.

They can easily be picked off, especially when there are no structures near them. With these in mind, players recommended various ideas to the developers to oppose the situation.

Revival suggestions

One Reddit user, LeCloutGoat, suggested that it would be a nice idea of a character can put away their weapons and carry teammates when they are down.

THIS small FEATURE COULD TAKE WARZONE to a new level from CODWarzone

The feature is similar to the one added by Fortnite in Chapter 2. In Fortnite, as soon as a player goes down, layers can carry their teammate and run them to a safe location where they can be revived safely.

While the recommendation gained various feedbacks from Warzone players, another Reddit user, Bricksandivy, stated another possible option that could provide players with better chances of survival.

He recommended that rather than carrying a teammate or praying that they could crawl themselves for cover, players could simply drag them to safety.

How cool would it be if you could "drag" your downed teammate to safety? It would be quicker than them crawling. from CODWarzone

It would possibly stop enemies from getting the kill and would allow better outplays when in long-range gunfights.

Similar features

Launching some sort of feature where players can drag or pick up a downed teammate in Call of Duty Warzone would add a fresh and intriguing element to its gameplay.

It is not unusual for battle royale titles to launch new features that can be similar to their rivals. It happened in the past, including the one when Epic Games was called out for adding respawn vans and for using identical skins with Apex Legends.

Infinity Ward also added several features that appear to be influenced by their rivals, such as bunkers looking a lot like the weapon vaults in Fortnite and Apex Legends.

Featured image courtesy of JHSon/Youtube Screenshot

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