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‘Warzone’ players mystified with strange shadows and lights


Warzone players are baffled by the strange things that are happening on the map. Some believe that it might be a sign for Call of Duty’s new game.

Call of Duty Warzone’s season 4 was released a few days ago. However, there were only minor changes in the map’s design, as well as its gameplay.

Meanwhile, players have noticed a few strange things on the map that was not identified from the previous season. For one, players were reporting strange shadows, creepy voices, and howling noises all around the map.

Some players are calling them bugs or glitches, but it does not seem like it. Fans and players are reporting several explanations and theories for this unlikely phenomenon as well.

Shadow is an Easter egg

There is one particular theory that effectively explains the strange shadow and the blue light accompanying it. Most players have guessed that the slowly moving shadow underneath the ice is a submarine.

Players who were able to get close to it described that the shadow did resemble a submarine’s shape. If the shadow is indeed a submarine, then this could be an Easter egg for the new game, Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War.

This specific theory is pretty intriguing. Most players think that the time will come that the dam will become a symbolic location. Connecting all these facts, the submarine might be a sign of an impending change in the Warzone map.

After releasing the Season 4 update, the game’s menu changed from displaying an overflowing dam to a completely open one. The dam is still frozen, but players are convinced that the dam will be overflowing next season.

Upcoming zombie mode

Some players speculate that the blue light near the dam could be a sign that zombies are coming to Warzone game. This guess could be possible since several players are reporting hearing strange noises near the dam’s pipelines.

However, strange noises have been heard in different places too. Players have also stated hearing howling and creepy noises at the prison as well. That being said, the developers are mum on the matter and did not render any explanations for the speculations that have surfaced in the gaming community.

If these speculations are true, then this is quite a clever move from the developers. Regardless, these new strange features have made the Warzone game a lot more intriguing and appealing.

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