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‘Warzone’ Quads mode will be replaced with Realism Battle Royale


Infinity Ward has removed the Quad Mode in Warzone and replaced it with Realism Battle Royale. The latter mode also requires a team of four.

Realism Battle Royale has officially been added as a new mode in Call of Duty Warzone. However, it came at the expense of the beloved Quads mode.

Players have been vocal about how they are disappointed now that Quads is gone. The removed game mode was one of the favorites in Activision’s online multiplayer shooting game.

The success of Quads mode

When Call of Duty Warzone was first released as the free-to-play counterpart of Modern Warfare, players were impressed by the amazing gameplay it had to offer.

Warzone was launched with the choice to team up in squads of three. However, solo mode, duos and quads were added later on, which allowed players to dominate the game better.

Call of Duty Warzone’s Season 4 added the famous Realism mode from its main multiplayer game. This new feature should have true Call of Duty fans excited. However, most players are disappointed by what the new mode has taken away to make room for the new mode.

Realism Battle Royale

The new Realism Battle Royale mode is not being included in the current list of modes of Warzone. It will be replacing Quads mode – one of the most popular modes in the game.

For the whole duration of the time Realism mode is in the game, Quads will be unavailable. Realism mode will not be a permanent feature of the game

It was also greatly appreciated by the gaming community when it was first introduced. Nevertheless, Quad modes fans are extremely disappointed having their favorite mode removed from Warzone.

Developer’s choice

Modern Warfare is one of today’s most trending games. It receives frequent updates and an alternating roster of unique time-limited game modes.

Maybe Infinity Ward is thinking that providing its players too many game modes will trigger matchmaking problems and issues.

It is also possible that the Call of Duty Warzone developers has underestimated Quad mode’s popularity. Infinity Ward may be planning to shake up the game by forcing its community to try various modes.

Regardless, new Warzone game modes are always a good thing, but removing a famous one is barely a good idea. Only time will tell if the developers will keep Quads out of the game or if they will silently add it back because of the fans’ protests.

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