Was Kamala Harris snubbed in Michelle Obama’s DNC speech?

Former first lady Michelle Obama gave the most inspiration and personal speech on Day 1 of DNC 2020 as she gave her endorsement to Joe Biden as the next President of the United States.

However, in Obama’s almost 20-minutes long speech, nothing was heard of about her thoughts on Biden’s VP ticket, Kamala Harris. Instead, the second half of her keynote address was dedicated to describing Biden’s personality.

Obama did have firsthand experience working with Biden, as her husband’s, Barack Obama’s Vice-President for eight years. But why was Biden’s VP ticket not mentioned in anywhere of the former first lady’s speech?

Obama did not purposely opt-out on Kamala Harris

Per The Associated PressMichelle Obama’s impassioned speech was recorded days before Biden officially announced his running mate. Readers should note that the Democrat’s Presidential candidate only made his announcement on Tuesday last week.

Since the 2020 DNC was done virtually, Obama’s speech must have been prepped long before the VP announcement. Per New York Postthis only goes to show that Biden’s Kamala Harris pick was done “so close to the vest and down to the wire” that the Obama’s weren’t even kept on the loop.

Nevertheless, the former publication pointed out that Obama spoke highly of Harris on her social media accounts, such as on Facebook and on Instagram. She posted a picture of the Senator, days after she was named the Democrat’s VP pick.

She praised Harris for being the “first Black woman and first Asian-American woman on a major party’s presidential ticket.”

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You get used to it, even as a little girl—opening the newspaper, turning on the TV, and hardly ever seeing anyone who looks like you. You train yourself to not get your hopes up. And sometimes it’s a battle just to keep telling yourself that you might deserve more. Because no matter how much you prepare, no matter what grades you get or even how high you rise at work, it always feels like someone is waiting to tell you that you’re not qualified. That you’re not smart enough. That you’re too loud or too bossy. That there’s just something about you…you’re just not quite the right fit. Change can be slow and frustrating, but signs of progress are all around us. This week Senator @KamalaHarris, the daughter of Jamaican and Indian immigrants, became the first Black woman and first Asian-American woman on a major party’s presidential ticket. I’ve been thinking about all those girls growing up today who will be able to take it for granted that someone who looks like them can grow up to lead a nation like ours. Because @KamalaHarris may be the first, but she won’t be the last. I am here for it all. Let us embrace and celebrate this moment. Go get ‘em girl. 💪🏾

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Michelle Obama’s endorsement essential to Biden’s campaign?

Despite hating politics, per her speech, Obama’s endorsement is said to play an important role in Biden’s presidential campaign. Accordingly, her voice during the opening night of DNC 2020 was reportedly integral, per longtime adviser Valerie Jarrett.

Jarrett told The Associated Press, “I think her hope is they will trust her, and that this isn’t about politics. This is about the future of our country.”

The key difference between today’s speech and the past two DNC addresses is that she is “better known now.” The news publication cites the millions of people around the world who have read her best-selling memoir titled Becoming.

Meanwhile, President Donald Trump already took aim on Michelle Obama. During his campaign rally in Wisconsin, he asked: “Who wants to listen to Michelle Obama do a taped speech?”

The current POTUS then proceeded to say that during the Republican National Convention next week, his speech won’t be pre-recorded like Obama’s, but will instead be live.

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