Was Princess Diana’s controversial ‘Panorama’ interview made out of lie?

Princess Diana

The infamous interview of Princess Diana with Martin Bashir for BBC1 Panorama 25 years ago was, reportedly, made out of a lie.

The Sunday Times revealed the controversial talk with Princess Diana happened after Martin Bashir threatened her about being tracked by security services. Allegedly, the 57-year-old journalist showed two false statements to her brother, Charles Spencer, to help him hold a chat with his sister.

The documents that paved the way for Princess Diana’s interview

The controversial interview aired in November 1995. At the time, Princess Diana and Prince Charles’ marriage had a fallout.

The Sunday Times’ documents showed, via People, a former member of Charles’ staff received payments in exchange for some information.

Three months before the interview, Bashir approached Charles. At the time, he said he was investigating the “media behavior.”

A source close to Earl Spencer revealed there were documents, which looked like real bank statements, “helped secure a meeting” with Princess Diana.

“Questions surrounding Panorama’s interview with the Princess of Wales and in particular the ‘mocking-up’ of bank statements, were covered in the press at the time,” BBC told Sunday Times. “BBC records from the period indicate that Martin had explained to the BBC that the documents had been shown to Earl Spencer.”

However, Princess Diana didn’t see the said documents.

“The BBC’s internal records from the time indicate that Martin had met the Princess of Wales before the mocked-up documentation existed,” the network continued. “These accounts also say that the Princess of Wales confirmed in writing that these documents played no part in her decision to give [the interview].”

BBC stressed Bashir was unwell and unable to respond. Charles, on the other hand, has yet to comment on the issue.

Princess Diana

The most controversial interview on TV

It has been 25 years since the most controversial interview of all time aired on TV. At the time, Princess Diana talked almost about everything, from Prince Charles’ affair to her battle with bulimia.

She broke the royal protocol of having a “stiff upper lip.”

Among the biggest bombshells was Prince Charles’ romance with Camilla Parker-Bowles.

Princess Diana and Prince Charles tied the knot in July 1981. Less than a year later, they welcomed their first child, Prince William, followed by Prince Harry in 1984.

A few years later, their fairy-tale love story ended that led to their 1992 separation.

Bashir asked the late People’s Princess if Camilla had something to do with their marriage breakdown.

“There were three of us in this marriage, so it was a bit crowded,” Princess Diana revealed. This answer gave birth to the most iconic line said in a TV interview.

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