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Was Tencent copying ‘Call of Duty: Mobile’ content for ‘PUBG Mobile’?


Recently, Activision has cut ties with Chinese conglomerate, Tencent. Reports believe that there’s more to it than just to avoid getting banned from other countries.

Tencent has been taking continuous blows following President Donald Trump’s vague executive order banning the tech giant from the United States. After the U.S. ban, India also decided to ban Chinese apps from the country.

PUBG Mobile was just recently taken from the Indian online mobile market. This led PUBG Corp. to let Tencent go, as it attempts to re-establish the mobile game in India.

Activision also decided to cut ties with Tencent to honor Trump’s executive order. This meant that Timi Studios is no longer part of the game, as observed when players open the game. The Tencent and Timi Studios logos are no longer present.

However, as it turns out, there were two reasons behind Activision’s decision.

PUGB Mobile a copycat of Call of Duty: Mobile?

According to GamingonPhone, an official from Timi Studios confirmed that the second reason for Activision’s exit has something to do with copied features.

The report entails that “PUBG Mobile has been copying various features from the COD Mobile.”

Activision’s move was speculated as a move to protect the mobile game franchise. As many Call of Duty fans can note, CoDM is heavily based on Activision’s famed franchise, the COD.

Cutting ties with Tencent was an alleged way to  “maintain uniqueness” from other “warfare mobile games.”

This is probably why Activision has been hard on revamping maps and adding unique playlists every now and then.

What features were allegedly copied?

For one, there’s been a lot of online chatter about PUBGM‘s aerial platform being obviously taken from CoDM‘s platform in the Battle Royale mode.

According to GamingonPhone, the Gun game mode and other locations have been copied as well. Players have also observed quite the close similarities in PUBGM‘s new features and that of CoDM’s already existing features.

The people from Reddit has long been noticing the copying, even with CoDM‘s in-game comic narratives.

And they say PUBG is better than CODM, they are just copying what CODM are doing and putting no efforts at all at there game. from CallOfDutyMobile

Season 9 and 10 have given off quite a dominant Warzone branding. Could this be the reason why?

If Activision is truly keen on maintaining the uniqueness of its successful mobile game, then what better to do it than to align it with its famed COD franchise.

Although, Season 10, The Hunt, does give off a bit of a PUBG vibe. At this point, players are beyond confused as to who copied who.

Unless Activision or any other concerned parties clarifies this copying issue, this should remain as mere speculation. Readers are, therefore, reminded to take rumors with a grain of salt.

Featured image courtesy of PUBG Mobile

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