Was the prototype Apple Watch really just an iPod?

Was the prototype Apple Watch really just an iPod?

The prototype Apple Watch was suspected just to be an iPod Nano strapped on the wrists of many, which could be true.

More than a decade ago, Apple changed the music industry when it released the iPods. They forever modified how music was consumed on-the-go after the analog era. They even pushed the envelope even further by making the iPods more and more compact.

This technology pushed the iPod Nano to the limelight. Users wore it on their arms, but some kept it in their pockets. Some took it up a notch and strapped it on their wrists. It was just a running joke then that Apple could be making an Apple Watch. Remember, it was a decade ago.

Now it seems like that running joke on the iPod Nano being the prototype Apple Watch wasn’t just a joke.

The prototype Apple Watch could be an iPod Nano

A recent photo on Twitter surfaced showing the Apple Watch disguised in an iPod Nano-looking case. Back then, and up until now, Apple releases their devices out in the market for some test runs.

The same could have happened with the Apple Watch. So as not to attract attention from the unknowing public, Apple had to covertly hide the first-ever Apple Watch in an iPod Nano case.

Since then, the Apple Watch has come a long way. Apple is even set to release its sixth-generation sometime this month. Since its inception, the Apple Watch has received so many upgrades that make it one of the best smartwatches in the market.

Apple Watch 6’s expected best features

The main focus of the Apple Watch 6 upgrades will be its health and fitness features. After a long customer clamor, Apple might finally be including a sleep tracker on its latest smartwatch. Their rivals have had this feature for a long time, and it’s just about time that the Cupertino-based company catches up.

In addition, the Apple Watch 6 is also expected to have a blood oxygen level tracker too. This is a big step moving forward, considering that low blood oxygen levels could indicate several internal ailments. In addition, the latest Apple Watch will feature the latest software upgrade announced during WWDC 2020.

The software allows for more various customizations on the watch faces. It also allows its users to customize what they want to highlight on the watch face. In other words, Apple is making the watch more user friendly by making accessibility its best feature.

Image from Apple Demo YT/Twitter

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