‘Watch Dogs Legion’: Here’s how to can unlock ‘John Wick’ Hitman character

Watch Dogs Legion: Here's how you can unlock the 'John Wick' Hitman character

Watch Dogs Legion provides a wide array of interesting characters and among them is the Hitman Operative from the film John Wick.

John Wick fans will be thrilled to know that the popular action film will feature on Watch Dogs Legion. While the Keanu Reeves character will not appear in the game, it’s not a cause for disappointment. This is because the game has created its very own Hitman Operative character.

Here’s how players can unlock this special character.

No main character in Watch Dogs Legion

When Ubisoft released the first Watch Dogs in 2014, players got to know the beloved Aiden Pearce. In Watch Dogs 2, the center of the action was Marcus Holloway. In the latest iteration of the game, the players themselves are the main character.

What makes Watch Dogs Legion different from its predecessors is the fact that it has no main character. Here players make their own characters and recruit other characters to their cause. In a way, this makes the players nobody and everybody at the same time.

Among the characters, players can recruit is the John Wick-esque Hitman operative. This operative has many of the traits that distinguish the hitmen in the John Wick film. And any players who are a fan of the film franchise would definitely want to go around the fictionalized London through this character.

Here’s how players can do just that.

Getting the Hitman operative

Unlocking the Hitman operative is fairly simple. All players have to do is complete a Neutralize VIP mission in the game. Here is a step-by-step to unlocking the character:

  1. Once players load into the game, just head on over to the Night Elms on the map.
  2. Afterward, players must initiate the Neutralize VIP mission.
  3. Using the cargo drone, players must destroy an enemy drone while recording photographic evidence.
  4. The next step is to acquire a keycard. Players can do this by hacking a computer using the spider gadget.
  5. The mission will be considered successful when players are able to put down the Albion Contractor and take over Night Elms.

When all of this is done, the game will congratulate the player and they’ll be allowed to use the Hitman operative. It only makes sense that getting the Hitman operative requires the completion of an assassination mission. And what player wouldn’t want a hitman who also happens to be a great hacker?

Watch Dogs Legion is now available for PC, PS4, Stadia, and Xbox One. The game will also be coming to PS5 and Xbox Series X and S this coming November.


Featured image courtesy of Watch Dogs Legion/Ubisoft

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