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‘Watch Dogs Legion’: Here’s how you can get OG Aiden Pearce character


As the original protagonist, Aiden Pearce is a beloved figure in the  Watch Dogs franchise. Now, players have the chance to get this character in the new Watch Dogs Legion.

Every Watch Dogs fan would know the name Aiden Pearce. While fans would definitely have their own favorite character, the original protagonist will always have a special place in their hearts. And now, Ubisoft is bringing the beloved character back, this time in Watch Dogs Legion.

Aiden Pearce in Watch Dogs Legion

People know Aiden Pearce as the protagonist of the original Watch Dogs game released in 2014. While Watch Dogs Legion will focus on a different central character, the developers have found a way to bring Aiden Pearce back.

The character will not appear in the base version of the game. Instead, he will feature heavily on the game’s first DLC next year. But fans don’t really have to wait that long to see this beloved character. This is because Ubisoft is currently rewriting parts of Legions’ campaign to add Aiden Pearce.

“We are writing the full single-player story again with Aiden’s personality. When you replay the main missions again, Aiden will be integrated into all the original cinematics,” Legion’s live producer Lathieeshe Thillainathan tells REDDIT.

Getting Aiden Pearce

Players would be able to get access to the character for the DLC when they buy the season pass. This is the only way to get the character. Many might be disappointed to know that they are basically paying to get the character.

But most games are like that and there are many who value certain characters that they would be willing to spend a few dollar bills to get them.

Players that bought the special edition won’t have to worry about buying the season pass. This is because it automatically comes with the special edition. Those who bought the basic version of the game can get the season pass at $40.

But who knows if Ubisoft will add alternative ways to get Aiden Pearce in the future.

Marcus Holloway from Watch Dogs 2 won’t return for the franchise’s latest installment. But a few familiar characters will definitely comeback. Wrench from Watch Dogs will feature in the game as well along with Assassin’s Creed character, Darcy.

There is also the mysterious character of Mina who is said to have mind-controlling powers.

Ubisoft has not given a specific date as to when they would release Watch Dogs Legion DLC titled Bloodlines. However, they did mention that it will happen sometime in 2021.

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