Watch ‘Haunted Space’ trailer: There’s horror in the void

Space horror is fun to watch and play if the elements put together work well.

Haunted Space is not the first space horror game that is making quite the stir for players. Before its launch, there have been wonderful games for players in terms of action, gameplay, and obviously, the gruesome horror that they added.

Tracing back to Alien Isolation, this game has been a remarkable standout from the rest of the group because of its protruding horror and instilling the sense of cut and chase for players.

In that game, players had no scope to fight the disturbing monster/alien that lurked in the dark, but they only had one thing to take care of: shut off the main entrance and the back so that the Alien does not escape.

What is this game about?

It’s been said, Haunted Space is something gore and matches the level of curiosity that our players might have in the game. And especially, since it is set in space, no one can hear you scream and come rushing down to help.

The developers have said that they wanted to test the axiom of horror games as to how fans would react to the gameplay plus the environment they set for them. This game comes straight from the Italian Game Factory, and it is being described as a super narrative-driven game that includes everything that the players want.

From space exploration to dogfighting and settling of uneasiness, there must be something lurking in the dark corners of space itself. It first debuted in the Future Games Show. This horror is a run for cash for the audience.

Is there any official release date?

The game’s official release date is not set by the developers, but they are trying to do it as soon as possible.

One of the developers has said that initially, they wanted to work on an idea. Still, since that idea is already taken, they wanted to try out something different rather than completely focusing on the horror element of the game.

Game players have to find their way through space and trace back to the civilization they used to reign along with the dead inhabitants who are still present and angry at the intrusion.

Haunted Space is set to launch on PC, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, and S. Players on Steam will also get a good grasp of the game soon.


Image courtesy of GameTrailers/YouTube

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