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WATCH: MONSTA X shares fun reaction video for ‘Love Killa’ MV


MONSTA X reunited as the group shot a fun-filled reaction video for its newest music video Love Killa.

Love Killa is the title track of the third album of MONSTA X entitled Fatal Love, released on November 2.

At the beginning of the video, Joohoney explained his classic reaction, which showed the members watching the video, reacting to footage, and sharing behind-the-scenes moments from their filming. The filming includes pauses and rewinds as required.

The members’ fun reaction to each other’s parts

The reaction video gets off to a loud beginning when they paused and stopped to appreciate the first shot of the music video, which featured I.M.

The next pause was to talk about Joohoney’s line, I’m sorry, did I make you anxious?” which Minhyuk called a legendary scene.” Joohoney then explained that he based his “Joker” homage on Joker’s character in the film The Dark Knight.

During Minhyuk’s solo scene, Joohoney commented that though his hands cover his face, he still looks sexy. However, Minhyuk quipped, saying, “The key point is the watch. It is my personal watch.”

The hilarious conversation

On the other hand, Shownu, for the most part, is quiet during the reaction video. Joohoney told him hilariously to overreact to get more views. Kihyun and Minhyuk then later talked about the recording of the song.

Kihyun stated that the pitch was lower than he used to, while I.M paused the video to say that he likes the teeth flash in Hyungwon’s shot as he says, “Love killa,” which Minhyuk imitates then.

Joohoney and I.M explained the meaning of their rap lyrics (“savage, love is rare” and “it ain’t cliché”) in a brief English lesson.

The MONSTA X members prove to be alert to every detail of their music video, pausing the video to tackle a specific expression on Shownu’s face.

I.M said that they give him the nickname “Doberman,” and Joohoney recalled that he bent so far to do the choreography and bent far back on either side.

At the near end of the video, Joohoney shared that he likes to watch MONSTA X’s fan reaction video to their music videos. He then encourages fans to share reactions with them.

Image courtesy of starshipTV/YouTube Screenshot

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