Xbox Series X update: First line of game titles, trailers unveiled


The new Xbox Series X console comes in hot with its first line of game trailers. Find out which games brave the upcoming Microsoft console.

Xbox Series X comes out soon and fans are losing their minds over the amazing first lineup of games that accompany this console.

One of the games is Assassin’s Creed Valhalla and when the trailer went out, fans started to lose their minds.

The new battle between Microsoft’s Xbox Series X and Sony’s PlayStation is about to begin. Gamers are once again confronted with the question “Xbox or PlayStation?”

Unlike the PlayStation that took a drastic change in appearance, the Xbox Series X decided to go for a stronger and more solid tall cube-like look.

Which is better? The Xbox Series X or the PlayStation? An ex-employee of Sony gave his thoughts about this question.

According to the ex-employee, the Xbox Series X is manufactured in a way that is more powerful than the PlayStation.

Will the Xbox Series X win this round? Here are a few of its first game lineups.

Assassins Creed Valhalla

Assassins Creed gained popularity for its renaissance themed assassins but, now, it takes an entire shift to nordic culture.

The new game follows Viking warfare against Christians and Catholic countries.


Scorn is a gritty horror filled game with a thrilling dark plot. Even the trailer captures the horror of this game along with its beauty.

From the dark music to the blood splattered on statues, the trailer leaves a lot for imagination.


The list of games is not complete without sci-fi. Except for the fact that this science-fiction game is not like any other.

Instead of just spaceships and robots, CHORUS also involves powers and dark themes.

Bright Memory Infinite

What would the Xbox Series X be without an FPS game? Bright Memory Infinite is an interesting game that uses high-tech guns but also traditional weapons.

The game is a mix between technology and ancient weapons of war.

Dirt 5

Dirt 5 is the official racing game for the Xbox Series X and it takes an industrial approach to race cars.

Instead of just racing through the city, you will have an option to get down and dirty!

Yakuza: Like a Dragon

This game shows the dark side of the Yakuza and takes you a little closer to the dirty politics and crooked loyalties within the crime family.

Are you ready to redeem your honor as a Yakuza?

Stay tuned for the latest news and updates about the Xbox Series X.

Image used courtesy of Mike Mozart/Flickr

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