WATCH: Wonho’s ‘Blue’ MV reinvents high school romance clichés

In the music video for Blue, Wonho portrays a popular high school jock in pursuit of his true love.

It was revealed in Wonho’s third EP, Blue Letter, with fanfare after he erased all of his Instagram postings in preparation for his return. And with the athletic music video for the title tune, Blue, he has achieved.

While his previous two EPs dealt with sorrow and past love, Wonho crafts a storyline-heavy song video in which he plays a popular high-school jock, which fans like.

Wonho has experimented with various song genres and music video ideas in the past, but this is the first time he has used high-school rom-com clichés in the Blue music video.

From his first EP Love Synonym #1 through the title track Blue and the blue-themed concept pictures in this return, fans have noted how he has skillfully woven the color blue into his music.

A high school concept that still works

Wonho offers an optimistic message for people suffering from the worldwide epidemic in Blue Letter, a sympathetic album.

As he reveals a genuine side to himself, he compares the isolation one feels due to the lockdown to that of a blue wave. And, while the Love Synonym EPs were emotive but sensual, Wonho’s return follows a different path.

Encouraging fans to enjoy music

The title single, Blue, is intended to feature a slice-of-life music video that allows listeners to forget about their concerns and enjoy the music.

Wonho crafts a narrative of himself as the popular high school jock in the music video for Blue, an energetic dance-pop song with strong bass and percussion.

He sings about having a good time and dancing with someone special. In contrast to his previous albums’ terrible love, Blue is about young love, shining together in reality and sharing one other’s aspirations.

He substitutes his dark, seductive side with a new high-teen idea with lively college parties and discovering his first love, which is very different from his performance-centric music videos.

Days before the release of Blue Letter, Wonho said in a VLive packed with spoilers that he worked hard on creating Blue, a pleasant song that could be enjoyed without seeing the music video or seeing the performance.

The English tune No Text No Call is the one he feels most connected to on the album, and even though he began working on it earliest, he completed it last. Wonho’s debut album, Blue Letter, is also his first, where he worked on all of the songs himself.

He took this choice because he wanted to share his tale in its entirety. He also revealed a fun fact: 24/7 was initially intended to be a Christmas tune.

However, when he revised it, he decided to include it on the album. He went on to say that the music video for Blue took the longest to make because he wanted to portray a different aspect to his regular music videos.

Blue Letter is a dynamic album in which Wonho plays with many genres such as traditional pop, ballads, and R&B, as well as rap lines that shocked many.


Image courtesy of WONHO/YouTube

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