WatchOS 7 is revolutionizing smartwatch faces and hand washing


The WatchOS 7 brings with it a beautiful customizable watch face. It will also have a hand washing detection feature that guides users while washing their hands.

Apple’s foray into the health sector has opened up wider opportunities for the company to grow. At present, the Apple Watch leads the venture and Apple is hitting all the right spots in the health consumer tech industry.

Yesterday, Apple announced the latest WatchOS 7. The keynote focused on the new operating system being able to push more information to its users.

WatchOS 7 complications

The WatchOS 7 update focuses on the personalization of complications. Complications in the Apple language doesn’t mean problems. Instead, it means the tiny pockets of information that can be crammed within the watch face. Now, the complications on the watch face are fully customizable. Users may choose which information they’d like to see on the watch face at a glance.

For example, a user who likes to run may choose to see the exercise time, blood oxygen level, distance ran, calories burned on the watch face. All these are presented in small circular pockets of information without the face looking too cluttered.

Face sharing

To push further the personalization, Apple has enabled face sharing. This feature is a platform that allows all Apple Watch users to share which setup of the watch face is best for an app. There are three ways for face sharing to work.

First, third-party app developers have the option to push their company designed watch face. Users just have to go to the third-party app developer’s web page to download the watch face. In an instant, the user may be able to download and install the face on their watch.

Second, users may also opt to create and send their own watch faces directly from the Apple Watch. All they have to do is design their own watch face and they may be able to send these via Messages.

Lastly, Apple Watch users may directly upload their personalized watch faces on social media. The Apple Watch community may download these designs for their own Apple Watches.

Hand washing detection

The most interesting bit of the WatchOS 7 keynote was the hand washing detection feature. When a user washes his hand, the system on the Apple Watch immediately detects the splash of the water and the hand gesture.

Once it detects this, it pops up a 20 second time on its face. If the user stops at some point, it provides haptic feedback prompting the user to finish the entire 20 seconds.

Image courtesy of Apple/ YouTube Screenshot

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