WatchOS 7, three best features on the upcoming update

The WatchOS 7 has three main upgrades that will take the user experience on the Apple Watch to the next level.

Two new Apple Watches are expected to be released in Apple’s September event. The first is the anticipated Apple Watch 6. It will be the flagship smartwatch of the phone where all new features will be available. The 6th generation may now be called the premium line because Apple is also expected to release a cheap Apple Watch SE.

While it doesn’t have the features of the newest line, it will have all the essential features that its premium version will offer. Both the Watch 6 and the Watch SE are expected to run the latest WatchOS 7, which is currently on beta testing.

Below are the top three upgrades on the new software on Apple’s smartwatches.

WatchOS 7 highlights personalization

The latest update on the software allows for extra customization on the watch faces. When users download the update, they can customize their watch face configuration and upload it to a community. If they don’t have the time to design their setup, they can simply download from premade configurations.

Also, complications on the watch faces can now be themed. During WWDC 2020, Apple noted that surfers could make their surf-themed watch face. It will be able to highlight the swell measurement, wind speed, and direction altogether on one watch face. As such, users will not have to navigate from one screen to another just to see the details.

The new OS also allows photos to be made as background on watch faces. In other words, Apple Watches can serve as a digital photo frame that changes backgrounds whenever it is turned on and off.

Health and fitness

The new WatchOS 7 has a specific code to determine the blood oxygen levels. It means that Apple Watch users can get a gauge of their overall health just by simply tapping on the measurement. It also will reportedly be able to detect incoming panic attacks. Once it does, users will be guided through a breathing exercise that can help calm their nerves.

The workout detecting technology is also expanded to exercises such as dancing, functional strength training, core training, and cooldown. So long as the user is moving, the watch will be able to compute the number of calories that are burned.

Sleep tracking and better battery management

The Apple Watch lags against its competitors in one glaring area. Apple’s smartwatch has never had sleep tracking. Fortunately, they’ve caught up and will have the feature on the new WatchOS 7. The sleep tracking will be able to determine the amount of sleep taken overnight. It will also have a feature that allows the user to set his sleeping and wake up time.

All these are made possible because of better battery efficiency. Before, users had to charge their Apple Watches overnight.

Image from Murador Andrea

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