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WayForward’s ‘River City Girls’ is getting a sequel


Spin-off to the River City Ransom franchise, River City Girls, is confirmed to be getting a sequel.

The announcement came from the recently-held Limited Run Games’ Livestream that teases what is coming. The developers, however, could not reveal more information other than the notion of a sequel.

Deriving from the River City Ransom franchise, known for its beat ‘em up gameplay, River City Girls plays exactly similar. Players can take on the role of either Kyoko or Misako, whether playing solo or as a pair. All with the premise of rescuing their kidnapped boyfriends who are two familiar figures from the series.

Old and New

But while kicking and punching their way is the game’s core mechanics, it also deviates from its predecessors based on few elements.

Not only is the game significantly modern-looking for its sprites, but it also features unique elements not seen from the previous. Adding a twist of the role-playing game, River City Girls has players leveling-up their chosen character for stats improvement.

Thanks to the aforementioned RPG element, the game becomes seemingly easier in the long run as the player progresses. This is not only because of the developed familiarity with the mechanics and controls but also because of damage output as well.

Another notable aspect of the RPG nature in the game is the addition of skills that gives each character a unique combat ability. Although some skills can be used repeatedly for the player’s advantage, others come with a trade-off to mitigate the gains.

Easy and Challenging

While indeed easier at high levels, River City Girls manages to maintain challenge by the sometimes unpredictability of enemies. The issue is even further compounded when dealing with multiple enemies at once, especially solo.

Like its predecessor, weapons also play a pivotal role in-game. Whether it’s a baseball bat, knife, or chains that player could wield for easy damage, players have plenty to use to their vantage.

There are also objects in the environment, too, that can be used as a weapon against opponents, like trash bins or drums, etc. However, unlike previous titles in the franchise, players can no longer jump while carrying something of the sort.

The developer WayForward is kind of tightlipped at the moment about the sequel, which raises a few questions. Will the sequel’s premise be set in the duo’s beloved being kidnapped again? Who are the returning characters from the series? Are there going to be fresh faces in it?

With all the excitement, the ideas are pretty much endless. Nevertheless, we can only wait and see how the sequel is shaping up for release.

Image used courtesy of IGN/YouTube Screenshot

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