Ways on how to use a smartphone as a webcam

There is no need to buy a webcam to use FaceTime, Skype, or Zoom. Smartphones can now function as one.

Today’s latest smartphones have never run out of ways to replace other devices. Now, users can connect their phones to a laptop in place of a webcam or even as a stand-alone cam. Androids and IOS devices already can turn into webcams thanks to certain applications that can be easily installed with just the touch of a fingertip.

Instead of connecting through the computer by a USB cable, a smartphone uses wireless broadcasting to transfer data into the computer. As long as users have a smartphone that isn’t a few years old, image and video quality will not be compromised.

For android users

There are few options users can choose from if they are an Android phone user. Some of these applications include IP Webcam and DroidCam; both offer free versions and Pro versions. All users need to do is to install the application on their phone and follow the onscreen instructions. It also allows the adjustment video quality from low, normal, and high.

For IOS users

For iPhone users, choose from EpocCam Webcam, iCam, and iVcam – all come with a free version. All of these apps are easy to install if users can follow the instructions posted on their respective websites.

However, these apps only work once a Mac or PC client is installed on the computer, which receives the webcam transmission from the IOS device over a common Wi-Fi network.

More information

Using a mobile phone as a webcam for long periods can easily drain the phone’s battery. Users will need to position their desks near a wall outlet, hook the phone to a power bank or purchase a socket extension.

Be aware that applications like these that allow the streaming of videos will quickly consume mobile data. Besides, certain webcam apps support the use of both front and back cameras, which users can change to provide better video and image quality.

Whether users are working at the office or home, they will need to stabilize the smartphone using a tripod or a table mount. Lastly, users will need good lighting to make their faces brighter in the video, get rid of shadows, and even hide those wrinkles.

Featured image courtesy of techseet/YouTube Screenshot

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